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Lilly wants to show off for everyone!

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I am so impressed by the progress Lilly has made since we took her home 4 months ago. Its so amazing to see her go from "under the bed kitty" to "come out and play with mommy kitty". She still does not trust strangers, and any little thing out of the ordinary sends her back under her bed and into her comfort spot, but that is ok because she has come farther than I ever thought she would.

She used to run away from our feather toy, and now she LOVES it! I caught her on video today with our digital camera having a grand old time. The lighting stinks and there is no sound, but here is our little girl. If you look closely you will see a little black shadow. That's Eb trying to get in on the action.

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What cuties you have!
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That was wonderful! She looks like a regular 'ole housecat now
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Bless her heart! She's come a long way!!
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Originally Posted by kisakitty
What cuties you have!
Your Mischief looks so much like my Oliver!
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Lilly is SOOOOOO pretty. Emma is still very much of a run and hide cat if anything startles her. If we have house guests she'll hide almost the whole time there here. We will have had her with us for two years this August.

Keep up the great work with your Lilly!
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Awwww Look at her!!! She is beautiful!!!!
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she looks so much happierr!!!
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Awwww thanks for that clip! I am so happy that little Miss Lilly is starting to settle in now!
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Awwww she looks like she's been with you for years!!
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Lillie is just as gorgeous as they come. Look at her attack that big, mean stick!!! You get 'em Lilly! Glad to see she's settled in nice and happy
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Lilly is a cutie... I love how she kept her one back leg in the air for like a week and a half!!! What a cutie. She may never completely grow out of being scared of strangers. Got my kitty at about 2 months old, (some guys literaly threw her out) and to this day she hates kids, and will hide from most people. She does love some of our friends though. She's 3 now! Just used to being near mommy and daddy and thats it!!!
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What a cutie!
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Oh, Beryl! She is one happy cat!
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Thanks Colleen! She looooooooooooves her feather wand.
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