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getting cats into carriers

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I have seven cats, which make them always a little on edge. When it is time for one to go to the vets, I have a terrible time capturing them, then difficulty getting them in the carrier.

Any suggestions?
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I have one who will do just about anything to avoid the carrier. I laughed one time because he spread all four legs out and made himself way too large for the opening..LOL. The first thing I do is get the carrier out a day or two before they have to go in. This way they run and hide and then realize nobody got put in. That way it's there when I need to get them in. Then I tip the carrier so the opening if facing up and leaning on something. That way I can pick the cat up under the front arms and lower them in back legs first.
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I do the exact same thing as Sandie.

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Arizona also fights, so I usually trap and wrap her in a towel or blanket, tip the carrier up so the opening faces upward, and quickly but gently "dump" her in. You can also try the carriers that open from the top--that might be a little easier. I've been leaving it out and propped open with toys in it, and now she'll often go in there on her own to nap or play! Hopefully this will make our next vet visit a little easier.
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Thank you all for your suggestions. I'm sure they will help for the next vet's trip, which will be next Saturday.
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Usually it is not the carrier they are afraid of but what it is associated with. I have the carrier sitting out in my bedroom 24/7 so it became part of the 'furniture'. Loki even climbs in on his own and sits there watching the world - when he does this I go over and put the lid down - I do not zip it and he comes out whenever he feels like it. Some times he even stays for a couple of minutes with the lid down. When I know he has a Vets I usually do not let him have catnip for a good week or so ahead of time. That way he is more receptive to it. The day of the vet trip I use a catnip toy and we play a game with me throwing the toy into the carrier - he usually complies very nicely and hops right in after it.
Once in I zip the lid. No struggle no fighting.

Good luck!
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I'm mum to 11 cats at the best of times and more when kittens are around. As you can expect with this furry little lot, then vet trips are often needed with vaccinations for babies, check up's and other bits etc....
Mine don't have a problem with getting in carriers as I always have an open carrier in the kitchen which they all like to sleep in from time to time. I do this so as they never have a fear of the carrier. In fact it's often more trouble getting them out when I need to use the carrier.

Perhaps if you have the room, leave it out and open so as the fear is taken away with recognition of fun times..
Hope this helps.
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I take my Bella with me all over-for weekends at my boyfriends house and to the park for a walk so she does not associate the carrier with only the vet once or twice a year. I leave it out on occasion for no partticular reason so that she can play or sleep in the carrier. When we spend the weekend somewhere she uses her carrier as a bed.
I think the key is to make the carrier a part of the cats everyday living. Put him/her in sometime even if you have no where to go. Close the door walk around for a minute them let him/her out. Then the experience does not have a bad connotation. Try rewarding them with a treat for being so brave.
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Getting cats into carriers is a funny topic! I like reading how you guys do it. One of my cats will go right in with next to no encouragement. For the other one I anchor the carrier against the wall and pretty much sit on the cat and force his head inside, once the head and front paws are in I push with all my might. LOL

For him, it doesn't matter where you are going with the carrier, he hates going in it. He isn't one for climbing into or under anything.
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I never have that problem. My 4 cats love the carrier. I leave it out all the time and they can sleep in it or whatever. They see it as one of their little beds. Since its out all the time they don't have a fear of it so vet visits aren't too bad. Although I should warn you, once mine get to the vet getting them out of the carrier is the problem.
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Our carrier is out all the time & our cats love it for the most part. They go in all the time. However, they seem to be hiding far away from it on vet days & then are close to impossible to put in it.
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I let my cats investigate the carrier, too. They are not afraid of it at this point. In fact, Molly went right back in after the vet was done poking and prodding and sticking needles in her. I guess she felt safe in there.:tounge2:

I think with my other cat I used food. Putting the dish just inside the carrier so she would associate it with something else. It is amazing how cats become psychic (psycho? ) at vet time.
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