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Anal Sac Removal

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My baby, Zoey, is currently at the urgent care center being checked for anal sac impaction as well as a bladder infection [due to the inappropriate urination outside of the litter box].

My question is - has anyone had a cat in which you had to have the anal sacs removed? My reason for the question is...this little trip to the vet could end up costing me $600 for all the procedures they need to do as well as the fact they need to sedate her because she is harder to handle [is cage aggressive as they put it].

She just hates the vets and I hate having to take her in every 6 months or so because of the trauma it creates for her....so would almost rather have the surgery and be done with it.

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I know some vets feel comfortable doing it and some don't. I also know that most vets like to do one at a time (make it a sperate surgery for each side) in the off chance that nerve damage is done that would affect the sphincter muscle.
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I just spoke with my vet. She would not recommend surgery for my girl since the problem happens relatively infrequently. I just have to make sure she loses about 1 -2 lbs [she is currently 10 pounds and should be about 8 - 9] The vet feels sure that if she were to lose the weight the issues would be resolved.
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That would be great if it could resolve on its own.
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I am glad that your Vet recommended against. Removal is a very invasive type of surgery and should only be performed if there is no other choice.

What you baby needs is to have her anal gland check on a regular basis. Have your Vet suggest a schedule on when she would need to come in. Also keep a close look out for some of the signs such as scooting, excessive liking the anal area, etc. My Loki reoves the hair from the side of his hind leg as a sign of trouble with his anal glad. So, basically just keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary and take your baby in ASAP when you notice something!!

Good luck and I hope your baby feels better soon!
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You can also ask the vet to show you how to express them yourself. It's not pleasant, but it if happens again, it would be nice to be able to relieve the pressure on your cat and not take her to the vet.
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Dexter's glands plug up. Currently he is being checked every 2 months at his vet's. He just has his checked...one gland was fine, the other pasty but they were able to express it. He does not scoot but licks around his anal area when they become uncomfortable. He is scheduled for another check in 2 months. Just keep an eye on your furbaby & if you see symptoms...get Zoey checked again. Good luck...keep us informed please.
PS...if you learn to express them yourself as MA suggested, that would be great. I think it would be easier to keep the problem under control if you can do it at home. I tried with Dexter & could not do it, so we have to go to the vet. It is a hassle that Dexter does not like at all...
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