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Meowing all the time...

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My kitty Tiger, Is always meowing
to get outside.
He'll sit anywhere
he thinks he can get
out and meow. This is really
annoying because he
sounds like a donkey.
He knows that he isn't allowed out,
but he does it anyway.
How can I get him to stop?
There is lots of coyote's
around here, and he already
got attacked by one,
so we don't let him out anymore
except in the summer
because he just lounges in the front yard.
Do you know why he meows
at the door non-stop?
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I don't have any expert advice for you, but I can tell you what we do. Sushine will sit at my front screen door and try to get it open w/ her paws and just meow and meow. I used to try to move her, or try to open it just a crack so she could see out. It only made it worse.
So, I started ignoring her. She realized after about 2 weeks that no matter how much she sat there, she wasn't getting out. No way, no how. She still does it now sometimes, but not nearly as long or as often.
Maybe just let your kitty be for a while, until he figures it out that he isn't getting out.

Just a thought.
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One of the reasons they will sit an meow to no end is because if they are not altered, the drive to go out and mate is overwhelming. I have seen male cats rip screens out to get outside. They are pretty persistant and they are doing what nature it telling them to. Same thing with females in heat. They will not stop meowing until they have been mated or go out of heat.
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Thanks for the advice. I will try it on Tiger.
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