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Felicity's Sunday Diary

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Went out to help mum in the garden today. I was wandering down the path and met Adelaide

I was feeling friendly today, so when we went for a snooze behind the big tree, I let her sleep near me and didn't swipe her ear.

It was a hot day - so I went for a walk in the cool grass and sat near mum to make sure she was doing the gardening properly

Then it was time for a stretch and a roll

Then, who should make an appearance but that dozy chicken. So I crept under her run to see if I could surprise her

Here she comes

But mum made a noise and scared here away - I'm sure she did that on purpose

That was my day - how was your's???
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Those are lovely pictures!, it looks like you had a beautiful sunny day there today!
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Awww adorable pictures!! What a fun day!
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I love the pictures!
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what a cutie!!!!!!!!!! Love the pictures!!
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Oooo! Looks like you all had a beautiful fun day today. Beautiful pictures!
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Looks like you had quite the fun day miss felicity! Better luck next time with those chickens!
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Little Miss Felicity, what a day you had!You're such a sweet girl to allow Addie to sleep near you without swatting her ear! Your Mum surely appreciated all your clever assistance in the garden! Sure hope you kept her straight! Aaaaahhh! What a wonderful stretch and roll in the wonderful cool grass! What a silly chickie! Then Mum scared her off..poor Felicity!

Beth, these are absolutely brilliant! What a fabulous job you did playing around with them on Photoshop and Felicity's day is just so lovely!
Thank you for sharing your day with us, Felicity!
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That's great, Beth!!! I love how Fliss is ready to get the chicken
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Awwww Beth those are lovely And the captions were brilliant
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Great imagination there - your photoshop stuff looks good! The pics and kits are great too, I am glad that you scared away the chicken!
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Felicity's fur looks soooo soft! Whatta sweet little face. It would be funny to watch her chase after the chicken
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Awww thanks guys - Felicity is glowing and feels very special tonight.

The chicken is quite safe. Not only can she run very fast but they've all learned that a good sharp peck means that looking is better than chasing .

Pearly, you're right her fur is long and soft. One of her nicknames is Fluff for that very reason!
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Those are the cutest pictures. What sweetie pies. Nice chicken too.
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Awww, such beautiful pictures!
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Beth, I absolutely love Felicity - but you know that. What a charming diary entry!
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