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What the...?!

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I just came back from the mall - I went into a couple of stores without incident, and then when I was coming out of the second store I'd been in I set off the beeper thingies at the door that are supposed to go off if anyone steals anything - it happens occasionally, so I thought no big deal. Well, after that, every time I went into *or* came out of a store, I set the things (what are they called?) off. This happened in at least four or five stores before I finally gave up and came home (it's pretty embarrassing being stared at like you must have stolen anything every time you try to leave a store). Why would this happen? I'm actually really nervous about it for some reason - not sure exactly why, I'm just super unsettled about it, not knowing why it happened. A salesperson in one of the stores told me that cell phones cause this sometimes, but I had my cell phone (and everything else I had with me) going into and out of the first store, and into the second store, and it didn't happen those times. Has anyone had this happen to them? Does anyone know what could cause it?
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My fiance's phone used to do that to him and he got to the point that he would just turn off his phone before entering or exiting the store. I also have heard of some "detectors" (or whatever they're called) being more 'high powered' than others... for instance, a friend bought something but the tag wasn't removed and the alarm didn't go off til she entered another store and it set off that alarm.

Strange, that's all I can say... and I'm glad my fiance got a new phone, lol!
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I've had that happen to me before to...it is very embarassing but lots of things can set them off...depends how sensitive they are. I went into a clothing store once and had a movie with me that I was going to return and that set off the alarm, CD's, cell phones, stuff like that can do it too.
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Sometimes that happens to us if we bought a movie in another store. Like when we buy at Best Buy and they deactivate the security bar, once it passes the detectors it reactivates so every other store alarm goes off. Ugh.
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ive had that before, but unless i have a shopping back with me i always open it to show the shop assistance
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only happened to me once or twice and don't you always go bright red
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Did it happen at Le Chateau? I swear, the alarm seems to go off every time I leave that store! Maybe it's a signal of some sort.

Did you have a discman or CD case with you? Sometimes there are little detectors in the jewel cases they put in at the music stores. That's usually the problem when I have experienced this.
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Have you checked all of your purchases? Maybe one of those anti theft tags was mistakenly left on, it's happened to me twice.
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I had that happen to me for a period of a couple of months in a couple of different stores. I really believe that it's mostly to do with the strength of their detectors, as it only happened at those two and not the others! It was determined (eventually) that it was my new purse that was setting them off! I had just bought a brand new purse that has a metal piece at one end of the strap and it was that stupid metal thing that kept setting them off. Oddly enough, once the purse was a couple of months old it stopped doing it at both of the stores it had originally! I know it feels strange when it KEEPS happening, but try not to be too paranoid. It's probably something silly.
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