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Do your cats know any words?

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Lex comes running whenever I say "crunchies" or "crunchy treats". I think it's mostly tone though... because he rolls over when I tell him to as well, but generally only if something crunchy is involved.

If I stand in front of him and talk to him, Mik will talk back for a bit.
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I think the only word Baylee knows well is "bye bye"... when I say that she sits up and starts to look around, worried.

Other than that, I think Baylee and Max know their names but ignore me.
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Rosie and Sophie both know the word "Dinner", and Rosie runs to me whenever i shout " Rosie!, do you want some sweeties?! " which are her treats, but Sophie isn't interested in them.

Rosies pleased about that!!
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My previous cat used to know "mouse". This meant there was a bug/spider around and she had to kill it.

She also knew her name and "salmons" meant treats and she would come running.
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Yasmine know "treats"..."phone cord"...."no" & when i'm sitting down she sits below me and stares, so i say "come on" and she jumps up and lays down in my lap.
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Meishka knows 'come' and "NO" and she actually tells me NO right back just like a 2 year old. She knows 'treat' too.

Yasmine, I love your kitty. Looks a little like my Meish.
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mouse, outside, and leash
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Originally Posted by Ali012281
Yasmine, I love your kitty.
thankya very much...
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Reilly knows the words "you're a good boy", he looks up at me and blinks at me and gives me kitty kisses. He knows the word "ball" and he'll go and find it, and "baby" and he runs to me. I think it's cute...his daddy thinks I'm turning him into too much of a sucky baby.
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Well, they all know their names. Also, they know 'hungry' if I ask, are you hungry?, they all run to the closet where the food is kept because they know I'll feed them after I ask that.
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They both know their names and they know to come running when I say "Who wants a TREAT?".
Cosette also knows what to do when I say "fetch" (it's her favorite game, so I've started calling her Fido, the Wonder Pupcat) and Eponine knows that when I say "dinners" it means she's about to have some wet food!
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If I sing the words..."Wet Food" Dexter & Sadie would wake up from a coma & come running.
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she knows:

'hairball medicine',
'are you ready to go night-night',
'is you hungry'
'lets go'
'can i have a kiss'

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Kitter's knows: "water", "let's go ni-night", "come", "baby" (which is her stuffed animals), of course her name, "daddy", "no", "stop", & "lay down". I can't think of anything else she knows..... That's about it!
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Mine demonstrates knowlesge of select words (Her name and the name my mom calls her, food, mommy, mouse, play, outside, leash, "where is your mouse ?" - she looks for it when I say this (Just like her cousin, a chocolate lab, vet - even when I spell it out V-E-T, others...) both English and French I might add but I strongly suspect she knows many more and is not letting on, Lest her mommy know what she is hearing in converations!!
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Originally Posted by CyberKitten
Mine demonstrated knowlesge of select words (food, mommy, mouse, play) both English and French I might add but I strongly suspect she knows many more and is not letting on,
Probably. After all, she is Siamese.
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Charlotte knows and seems to understand several words;
Go upstairs
Go ahead (that means it's safe to jump or proceed)
Get it or Get Her (get toy or get Izzie during play)
Ham (as in lunch meat)

Izzie understands;
Get it or Get Her
Charlotte (she looks around when I call for charlotte)
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Originally Posted by vespacat
Lex comes running whenever I say "crunchies" or "crunchy treats". I think it's mostly tone though... because he rolls over when I tell him to as well, but generally only if something crunchy is involved.

If I stand in front of him and talk to him, Mik will talk back for a bit.
My cats know "are you hungry?".
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Mine know their names and "Hey *name*, lookit here!" I have a certain way of saying their names so that they turn and look at me. Buffy is just Buffeeeee and Willow is simply "Willow," but I'm not sure how but I make each syllable stand out (odd, since I tend to mumble and slur words when talking to humans, lol)

And both know "Lookit this" or "Lookee here" means I've got something interesting to show them, and they'll at least turn and look at me. If it's food, Willow will slowly come (slowly, since she'll be spooking at everything she passes along the way) and Buffy might come, but if she sees Willow coming, she WILL come. Greedy little bossy girl, lol
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They all know "treats", "snackies", "supper time", their names and nicknames.

Chester and Piper know "ball"; Piper knows "shower" (she likes to follow us into the bathroom when we shower!); Chester knows "is it pouch time?" (he LOVES the food that comes in pouches ~ I've been feeding them that kind of food for a few months now, but he still gets excited over it! )
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Miss Kitty knows:
Hungry? (she meows back)
Come here (if you pat the spot next to you)

Zoe knows:
NO (she stops doing what she's doing)
Get Down (she gets off the counter/shelf/fridge, what ever she shouldn't be on)
You'd better run!! (she gets out of what she's into)
Good kitty (she perks up and looks pleased w/ herself)

They both know:
Food time (they run to the cabinet where the food is)
Treats (they meow and beg)
Where's daddy? (only if daddy is gone..they go to the door)
Her name

Hate to say it, but Zoe's the smarter of the two. Miss Kitty is better behaved, but Zoe knows more words and gets into more stuff.
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Just had to add one more word that Baylee knows and that I'm teaching Jordan... "kiss". It means, to me, to touch noses and Baylee will do it 99% of the time and Jordan's already learning, lol!
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I think its so neat to see our kitties learn human words.

Ebony knows her name, no, and dinner. Its so funny when I say "do you want dinner Ebony?" She'll squak at me until the moment I get up until I put her food down in front of her.

Lilly doesn't really comprehend much of anything. some days i think she knows her name, other days i think she is clueless.
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Princess and Patsy know lots of words. They both know their names, nicknames, they know my name, come here, good kitty/girl, bad kitty/girl, "It's time to go night night", treat, and kitty dinner time. I say "show me what you want" and they will take me right to what they want. If I say "Look" and point to something that's their clue to attack. They often will have "conversations" with me. They have no problem telling me what they want. Princess also knows "let's go bye-bye". If I say that to her she will run to the door and put her paws around the knob and wait for me to pick her up to go visit my Grandparents. Then when she's visiting I ask her "Do you want ot go home?" and if she's ready she will come up to me meow and walk to the door. If she isn't I just get a dirty look. There are more but I can't think of them right now because it's just like second nature to talk to them and get an answer. Princess can even show me what kind of wet cat food she wants before its opened. I just open the cabinet door and ask her what kind she wants and she walks over and taps the can she wants. I know it's not memory of which flavor is where becasue I've mixed them up several time to see and she will always goes to a different spot.
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Words? Just words? Mine all know "I'm going to bed, Red Cat (or Purdy or Sheba) if you want to come with me." (They usually run upstairs ahead of me or head for the bedroom if I'm already upstairs.) And they know "I'm in bed, Red Cat (or Purdy or Sheba)"

Words or shorter phrases one or more of them know are:

Their name and the others' names
Back door
Go get 'em (go chase a gull or crow off the deck)
Use box (accompanied by taps on the clean litterbox if others are dirty and Red Cat is upset, since he won't use a dirty box)
Jump! (into my lap)
Here kitty, kitty, kitty (means food or treat)
Go, go, go Red Cat (or Purdy or Sheba), go (means to chase one of the other cats in play)
In or out? (while they are hesitating in the door. Red Cat usually makes a quick decision, as he knows he'll get a gentle boot in the butt if he doesn't.)

I'm sure there are others I can't think of right now.
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Gracie knows the word "yummies" (our word for treats) and lettuce (one of her favorite treats). Katie knows "where's my baby," and comes running when I say it. All three of them know the word "out" means they get to outside on the porch.
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If I say, "dinner!" Guin normally comes running.... I even say this at breakfast time and he will still come pounding into the kitchen!

But, the best one has to be when I say, "catnip!" in a really, really silly voice. Just the anticipation of getting some catnip sends him over the edge. He will start sticking his bum in the air and then roll over all soppily and purr like mad until I give him his treat!

Other words that he knows are, No, BamBam, monkey bum, bye bye (when I say "byebye" when I leave for work he sometimes runs to the front door and flops in front of it!") and there's prolly loads more but I can't remember now
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my 3 obiously know their names,but they know *out* or a finger click,they know its bedtime,we dont let them stay in the lounge at night,and 1 of them has to sleep with us cause barnaby beats up poor reggie at night,
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