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Learning tolerance

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Vader and Oliver

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it is a Virtue, after all. TOO sweet, MA - he's such a good boy.
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Oh good grief is that Oliver giving Vaders tail a bite and a good old rabbit kick?!

How paitent can a dog be
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Your dog is very tolerant!....those are cute pics
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Too cute! What a great dog!
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Aww he's going to be a great cats toy!
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My goodness MA...Oliver is growing like a little weed.
The look on Vader's face, while Oliver is playing with his tail is priceless. What a good doggie he is.
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I'm going to need to see that picture again when I decide to have children. I'll be able to learn a lot from that doggie.
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Awww, Vader's a good boy. Taking all that abuse from little Oliver.
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Awww, what a good boy Vader is!
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I love Oliver!!!! What a good boy Vader is!
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Ever so sweet!
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Tolerance is over-rated sometimes. But Vader is learning that cats are off limits

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AWWW! That picture makes my heart melt!
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Oh that is SO sweet I just love German Shepherds. My little girls haven't even MET Ruby yet they are just sniffing around so far!
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Oh how lovely!

My friend at work is a Vadar fan so I keep on having to show her the new pics of him!
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Oh thats so sweet!!!!

*Vader thinks* Do i dare slide over on the duvet to share with Riley?, maybe not!
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They make quite the cute Odd Couple .
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AW!!! Vader is a doll!!! I love that first pic of he and Oliver!!!
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