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Please help

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My boy Shane is getting fat, and I do mean fat. He's the type of cat, that can't seem to get enough food. He's always been big, but now you can't see a bone in his boy, and he waddles instead of walks. Anyway, I was at a loss at what to do about this problem, since Simba and SunLee are both slender, and putting Shane on a diet would mean the other two would have to go on a diet as well. However, looking at Shane the other day, I was almost in tears at how fat he's become, so I purchased Weight Control dry cat food for the cats. The only way I'll be able to do it is to feed them ALL the weight control food. But I think that Shane will die if he doesn't lose weight.

My question here, is will Simba and SunLee get too thin if they eat the weight control food? There is no way I can set out regular food for them, and keep Shane away from it. I would say that Simba and SunLee are just right, but they really can't afford to lose weight. Will the weight control be OK to give them as well?
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If it were me...this is what I'd try and I'd run it by my vet for their approval. I would find a good quality lite food, and then supplement the slender two, with wet food seperately from Shane - once or twice a day. Just pop him in your bedroom while they eat.
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First he needs a check up and have your vet recommend a good diet.

You could build two boxes with an entrance only big enough for your other two and place their food bowls in it!! They still free feed and Shane can't get to it.


Maybe place Simba and Sunlee's bowls on a counter where only they can get to - thereby eleiminating Shane from reaching the food.

Hope this helps..
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Have you talked to your vet about his weight?
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talk to the vet ... good luck
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Are you still free feeding them? i've since stopped free feeding when i noticed a weight gain in Hobbes, and only feed twice a day. Sure they get hungry at first, but they will eventually adapt to it. i feed Hobbes Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's soul Light formula http://tinyurl.com/cplfj . He doesn't eat as much as he used to, but it still fills him up and has pretty much maintained his weight. i agree to separate Shane when you're feeding the others, and cut down on the quantity on his food.

Keep us updated on his progress.
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