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Kitty-proof home decor?

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Hope this is OK for this forum...wasn't sure where to post it.

I am looking for ideas for something to put on the top of my coffe table that will not be destroyed by kitties. The coffee table is a prime part of the Indy 500 route at my house, and the fake plant I have on it now is looking pretty sad, not to mention there are little pieces of fake baby's breath ALL over my living room. But other than books I can't think of anything I could put on there that would not be destroyed by the kittens! Any ideas?
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I have a big cushion on mine. And every couple of days, I brush all the cat hair off of it. I think a cat makes a nice coffee table decoration.

Seriously, just leave it bare. You don't really need anything on the coffee table.
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Kitty "indy 500" I love it ! I don't think there is anything specifically you can put there. I just put nice magazines and "coffee table" books on mine ... then pick them back up off the floor when necessary . If you do want to try some sort of decor, it must be HEAVY AND IMMOVABLE, it must not have THINGS THAT CAN BE BATTED AROUND, it must not be SOFT, and perhaps, ummm, pretty uninteresting really . Maybe a large ... rock?

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I have a decorated wooden box with all my remotes and stuff I might need on the coffee table, and some stone coasters. They have knocked the box off, but it has a hasp, so it does not come open.
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the best way to kitty-proof your home decor, is to not have any home-decor.... seriously

i agree that it needs to be something heavy and not moveable

if you can reach out and give it a regular push and it moves, it will more than likely fall victim to the cats
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I have magazines on mine, and Alfie lays on them and chews the corners! I don't think anything is safe, they're naturally curious about anything and everything!
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I will say a cat will look very nice on a coffee table. I am sure you cats will agreed.
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I had the same problem so I bought a heavy pitcher and bowl set that matches my decor and I put dried eucalyptes (sp?) plants in it.

It works because it's too heavy for them to knock or push over. It's pretty boring but much prettier than a rock. They like to put their toys in it or their "goodies" that they steal from around the house. As far as the Eucalyptes (sp?), I like it because it looks nice, smells great and the kitties hate the bitter taste of it so they avoid it like the plague. Also it's durable and hard to chew or break apart in case you happen to have kitties that like to eat bitter things.

Just an idea.
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I think someone should design living room furniture that is specifically cat friendly. I'd buy it. It couldn't be any uglier than the cat-scratched couch I have now lol.
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LOL I would buy it too. I used to have a dark plum couch but now that I have cats, it looks like a lavendar shag couch.
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My one table has a HUGH spider plant 3 cats not even an issue but when Bakker was younger he played with and under it but now at almost 11 months he ignores it-no problem!! Really.
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You know, you're right, the cat does make a pretty nice centerpiece.

(Note the vacuum in the background, still waiting to clean up the last remants of the poor plant.)

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