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Memorable Birthday - and not in a good way!

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So today is my birthday. I think this one will stick in my mind, but not for a grand party or anything fun.

Yesterday evening was spent in the ER because we thought I may have broken my ankle. It isn't broken, thankfully, but is a major sprain to the point where I can't put any weight on it. I have to go to an orthopedic surgeon later this week to get it checked out once the swelling goes down (the outside of my ankle looks like 1/2 of a baseball last night!), and see if there is any major damage like torn ligaments. I'm in a splint, got crutches (that's interesting to say the least! I've never had to use crutches before and I'm really bad at it!), have to keep all weight off my foot for at least 3 days before I see the orthopedic surgeon/specialist, and got Percoset for the pain.

I HATE being immobile! Thank goodness for the laptop. At least I can still get on here, even if I can't do work on my main computer. Looks like I will be able to get a good start on a cross stitch project I have for a Christmas present, because I have no intentions of going downstairs on crutches and one foot for at least 2 more days.

I know this is minor compared to what so many are dealing with in their lives, but if any of you have some "fast healing" vibes to spare, I would really appreciate it. I'm leaving for Ohio in two weeks, to the National Matches, where everything on base is walking. I have to be mobile by then!
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That sucks, Heidi. Take care and healing vibes coming at you. Hope you're feeling better soon.
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Oh My Gawd, Heidi what were you doing??? !st do not try to rush things, major sprains and blowouts are worse than broken bones so stay off it for awhile... That said I will send all the healing vibes I can beg borrow or steal or even manfacture. Hugs Howard,Lukey & Rufus.
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You poor thing! Howard is right though, don't rush it. It will just take longer to heal if you do! Lots of get well quick thoughts headed your way!
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Originally Posted by BigKittenDaddy
Oh My Gawd, Heidi what were you doing??? !st do not try to rush things, major sprains and blowouts are worse than broken bones so stay off it for awhile... That said I will send all the healing vibes I can beg borrow or steal or even manfacture. Hugs Howard,Lukey & Rufus.
That's the really stupid part...I wasn't doing anything even remotely dangerous! LOL I guess it started last week when I was walking up a gravel road, stepped on a tire groove wrong and my foot went underneath me. I got back up and walked it off, it felt better the next day. Then yesterday I was just getting gas and washing the car windows, didn't even step on a crack in the pavement or anything and my foot went underneath me again and I went down hard. The minor sprain from last week must have just weakened it enough for this major blowout.
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OUCH! That isn't how you are supposed to celebrate!

Happy Happy Birthday!
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Oh dear!! Heidi, you're right, you NEED to be mobile in time for the match! Tough to hold steady on a bum ankle! You've already had great advice, so I'll just repeat my birthday wishes and send ((((((((((MEGA MEGA healing vibes))))))))))) your way!! Enjoy the rest of your day!!
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Happy Birthday

Hope your ankle feels better soon!
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Ouch, Heidi! You poor thing - that would have to happen right now. I can feel for you - I've got three fractured fingers (our niece accidentally closed the front door on my hand), and am getting fairly good at typing, writing, and even sewing with my left hand only. Hmm - if you get bored, I've got a cross-stitch project that I'm not going to be able to finish in the foreseeable future!
Seriously, though, I'm sending vibes that you'll be well in time for the National Matches.
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Oh it sucks particulary when it's from a minor event, I had my fingers pulled back on an exercise machine once and suffered for weeks.

Well use the time to do the sitting things like you said. Laughing helps so get some funny movies.
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Oh Heidi I know just how you feel. I fell the saturday before Labor day last year and thought I had a broken ankle. A trip to ER had me on crutches and a splint on my left foot. Labor day was spent at the bone dr's office where I received a cast. The Dr said it wasn't broken just torn ligaments . Finally after a couple of months of wearing a cast and my foot swelling I finally receive the verdict of RSD. Finally after a couple months of physical therapy I can finally go it without major pain.

Here is hoping that yours is minor with just a couple of weeks of rest will get you healed and back to normal.

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Ouch Heidi! What a lousy Birthday present! Sending lots of fast healing vibes your way!!
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Ouch!! Sending some vibes your way!!
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Tons of Get Well Soon Vibes coming from us!!

Sarah, Lilo, Garfield, Spicey, Petals, Spot, Dot, Chief, & Bonita
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Oh man, Heidi, that sucks! Sending lots of get well vibes so you'll be back on your feet for the Nationals. If not, maybe you could sweet-talk one of the soldiers to lend you a golf cart for a week or so
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Bummer, Heidi!! Been there, done that, threw away the T-shirt!! I hope the healing goes well and there's no major damage. Sprains are the pits!
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What a day I'm sending tons of *Fast Healing* vibes your way!
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Oh Heidi i sort of know the feeling!. I broke a bone in my foot 3 years ago and had to wear a cast for a week, and i hates every minute of it because i had to rest it as much as poss.

Hope heals soon though............And.............................


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Aww that sucks. Vibes flying your way Heidi.
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Oh Heidi - that sounds painful. Tons of healing vibes flying across to you, I hope you feel better soon

I hope you had a good birthday anyway - despite your ankle.
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Oh no...sprains can be very painful.
Major healing vibes coming your way.
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I know how you feel. Fifteen years ago, I caught my heel in a pavement crack and tore all of the ligaments in my left ankle. You're right about the crutches - because of my carpal tunnel syndrome, those things KILL my wrists. Thank goodness, I got a walking cast.

Make them give you a pretty -colored cast - mine was boring old off-white!
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Geesh! This is not my day, or weekend to be exact! Our washer decided to just keep filling and filling and filling...and we ended up with a ton of water in the hallway. Thankfully the water didn't actually get IN the litterbox - now that would have been a mess! Still, they had to remove the carpet pad, bring in the professional carpet cleaners (who brought up over 5 gallons of water after Earl used our carpet cleaner to get up what he could). *sigh* Is this day over yet?
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Oh no Heidi! What a day you're having! Lots of heal quickly vibes heading your way.

And yikes about your washer!
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More healing vibes on the way Heidi, and a swift kick to your washer for being so naughty! I hope that the worst is over, and things only get better for you!
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I'm sorry I just logged in to see it was your birthday today!!! What a crappy birthday you have had!!! I'm so sorry! Sending Get Well wishes your way!!
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Poor Heidi! Sending lots and lots of healing vibes! And hope the damage to the carpet was not that bad.
Oh dear, this has been a "memorable' birthday, huh?
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Oh no Heidi! What a way to spend a birthday . How are you getting around today?
Sorry I'm getting to this so late, but happy late-birthday. May all of your un-birthdays be merrier than your actual birthday was!
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