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Happy First Birthday Molly!

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Wow…its hard to believe our baby girl is One today, her very first birthday. She is still so small and looks so much like a kitten, but now she is an adult cat. There was a time when we never thought she’d live that long but she pulled through and here she is today proving us all wrong. That even though she is small and has problems that she can do it. She is a very special little girl to us as some of you might already know. We’ve had a lovely time with her and can’t believe how fast time flies. To us she’ll always be our baby girl….and she’ll always be the smallest in our family. We love her so much, she has brought so much happiness, love and comfort to our lives and we couldn’t image a life without her.

Molly has been a brave little girl, and still continues to be a strong little fighter. She is a happy little girl, she loves to spend time with her sister Eviecat. When she was only a baby Eviecat became her surrogate mom…as she was so small and ill she needed someone to look after her. Of course we did our best and looked after her too, but I think she wanted a cat mommy too…and that’s what Eviecat became. Eviecat taught her to lick herself and everything else she need to know. It was so sweet, and now she can do everything by herself. Although sometimes she needs Eviecat to protect her if she is getting picked on.

Anyway this morning we woke up, and Molly came in to see us. We said happy birthday and gave her some cuddles, and the best is yet to come for our little one. We then sat and sorted through our baby photos of Molly….we looked back and it was hard to believe she was that small…so small she’d fit into your hand. And look at her now…even though she is small she has grown quite a bit. I do love looking through photos, and looking at how much our little girl has changed.

We thought for her birthday thread we would put up some photos of when she was a baby and then a few throughout the year for you to look at. As you will see she has grown quite a bit since she was a little baby, but yet she is still small. Warning though…we have a lot of photo’s to show but I am sure if you’re anything like us we think “the more photos the betterâ€. Oh yes and we have tried our best to try and dig out some photos that really show how small she is but as you all know the camera can be good at making them look bigger than they are. Enjoy!

Baby Molly between 7-10 weeks, Some also with Eviecat who was about 1 year and 7-8 months

Above is Molly with my sisters hand…this really does show how small she is.

And her are some photos of her throughout the year

And today, here are two photos of this morning, and there will be more Birthday photos to come…we promise!

Well I am afraid that’s we have for now, it’s taken us a few hours to sort out this post for you all with the photos so I hope you enjoyed them. We are of to play with the birthday girl and give her some special lunch.

To our baby girl : We love you very much, from the first moments we set eyes on you. No matter what you’ll always be our very special girl and we’ll always protect you. We hope you’ve had a nice time with us, and know you have lots more time to come. We love you lots sweetheart, Happy First Birthday . Love Mommy and Daddy xxx

Love From your Mommy Eva, Daddy Dx, Eviecat, Huggy and Taralen xxx

* Please note: The Banner above was made this morning, so I know its not as good as it could have been. On the left is a close up photo of her as a baby and on the right is some photo’s of how small she was.
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Happy First Birthday Molly! What a Cutie!
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Happy 1st Birthday Molly!!!!

Thanks so much for sharing all the pics of Molly, she is a real sweetheart

Best wishes for Molly for many more happy and healthy years!!
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Happy First Birthday Sweet Molly
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Happy Birthday Molly!

Adorable photos! Thanks for taking the time to share them with us. Give Molly some hugs & kisses for me
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Great pictures! Happy first birthday Molly! Enjoy your big day!!!!
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Happy Birthday are a beautiful girl!!!
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, sweetie! If anybody asks what a "cow cat" looks like, those pictures will give the perfect answer!
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Happy Birthday Molly!

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Happy Birthday Molly. you are and will always be the Little one of the Family. WE Love you lots and wouldn't be without you and your MOLLY LOVE

Pink is definatly your colour

Love from your Daddy DX

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Sweet Mollie!!!!!
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Happy 1st Birthday, Eva!
What a precious baby you are! Sierra, Serenity, and I celebrate with you as you enjoy your very special day!!!

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It was lovely to come on here and see all your lovely replies and Molly also sends her thanks to you all.

Molly had a lovely day, she spent a lot of it relaxing in the sun, yet she was in a cool spot too. She was being even more cute than ever and I couldn't help but take lots of photos. She was even lucky enough to be left alone by our other cats most of the time so she could have some alone time. I think she enoughed that and it meant she could relax without being disurbed.

For her special treat she had some Salmon, she has never had it before but really loved it. Her tummy is still quite small so she didn't manage it all but was happy to share it with the new kitten of the family Tara (which for her is amazing).

Her pressent is on its way from the USA so I am sure when she gets it she'll enjoy it a lot. But that she she just seemed to be happy enough with some Salmon and some alone time with us.

As you all know she is a very special girl to us, and will always be the baby of the family. We love her so much and still can't believe she is now one...when she still looks so young.

Anyway enough of me rambling, we have sorted out some of her birthday photos which we hope you'll enjoy viewing

The Birthday Girl on her First Birthday!

Just relaxing...and having a little bit of a stretch

You may think this is uncomfortable but I have found a great chin rest

But laying like this is comfy too

This is the life, relaxing in the sun yet in the shade too...

Believe me this is i look so cute

Molly looking happy and content

Look at me...I am being Cute!

Keep all your attention on me...after all i am the birthday girl!

Mmm...being cute can be exhausting...

Just resting...and being cute too

Hey don't take your eyes of me...I'm still being cute!

Being a Birthday girl is hard work

Mollys Birthday Fish

Molly checking out her Birthday Fish

This smells quite nice....

And tastes really good...yummy! can share with me...

Well I am afraid thats all the photos we have, we hope you enjoyed them and seeing our special birthday girl

Thanks again for all the lovely replies,

Love From Molly "The Birthday Girl" and her Mommy Eva, and Daddy Dx
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