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Spaying Question

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My foster cat was spayed on Tues, i left her collar off last night and she still has stitches in this morning, thankfully. now my question is when is it OK to play with her normally. When she had her collar on, it quietened her down slightly, but she is very hyperactive, so i am a bit concerned about her playing and pulling it internally. Even lifting all the toys up wont help though, as she will play with anything!!
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When I had Molly spayed, my vet told me to not let her play or jump (yeah right!) until a couple of days after.

When does your kitty go for her check up/stitches removed? I think it should be okay to play with her, as long as it's not too rough and tumble - as she will be healing well by now!

If she wants to play, I think that she feels ready!
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My vet has said to "try" (key word) to keep them quiet for the first 2 days, and after that, the cat will decide if it is too uncomfortable or not..
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It's been five days...I think it should be OK.
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Even at five days I would take it easy. The males kick back quicker than the females- I try to keep my females quiet for a week after a spay- Not that it always work, but I do try
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I was thinking along the lines of a week, although i have had to give up on the collar (but she has left her stitches alone). Part of me thought that she would give up if she was feeling bad, but then i was concerned that it might still do some damage (as i have done the same, thought i was up to things and then found out i wasnt). I think some gentle playing will just take the curb of her hyperness, as when i have taken her collar off after having it on all day, she has gone really bonkers. She is having her stitches out on Thurs (actually a day early). Everything looks fine, it is really neat and she only has two stitches.
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