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Happy Birthday, Sadie & Dexter!!!

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Sadie & Dexter
You mean the world to your Mommy, and Sierra, Serenity, and I send love and snuggles! We all celebrate with you as you enjoy being spoiled on your very special 5th Birthday!!!

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can't even get close to that one, so just Happy Birthday from the S-Team, Dexter & Sadie~~
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Sadie and Dexter!! May you get many toys and loves on your special day.
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Happy Birthday to you, Sadie & Dexter!

We hope you enjoy your day and get as spoilt as you can! Scritches from me and lots of snuggles and rubs from Tibby and Molly
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Happy Birthday Sadie & Dexter

Have a wonderful birthday

Headbutts & purrs from Felicity, Lily, Adelaide & Tippy

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Happy birthday to those two sweeties!!!

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Happy Birthday Sadie and Dexter!!

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Happy 5th Birthday sweethearts!!!!!

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Happy Birthday Sadie and Dexter!!

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Originally Posted by sashacat421
can't even get close to that one,
Ha ha, I know me either - I think it's time I start figuring out where Stephanie gets her graphics!

Anyway... happy bday! Hope it's a great one!
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What a delightful surprise to wake up this morning, go to TCS with the intention of adding a birthday thread for Dexter & Sadie's 5th birthday & discovering that our friend Stephanie, had already "been there...done that."
Thanks for all of your Happy Birthday wishes. This is a very special day for us.

Dexter & Sadie were born on July 17th 2000. At that time, my beloved Bartholomew, almost 16 years old, had been terribly ill with heart problems for several weeks. Finally he went home to God on August 30, 2000. I was shattered. During "Mews" last difficult weeks, I did not know that a few miles away, 2 sweet kittens were going to need a home. Soon after Mews death, something inside of me was driving me to adopt a kitty again...ASAP. I felt that I could never feel the great love that I felt for Bartholomew, but at the very least, I could provide a safe home, with good care, for a needy kitten.

On September 6th, 2000, I answered an ad in our local newspaper for kittens. I went with friends to see the babies, with the intention of adopting one kitten. I chose a tiny little boy. I was walking out of their door with my new kitten is his carrier, when a little bitty gray & white kitten, that I had not seen before, came running after us. I asked who the kitten was and was told she was the only girl in the new baby boy's, sister. I thought for a minute, then asked if I could adopt her too. Yes, was their answer. I put her in the carrier with her brother then took them right to our vet for blood work, kitten shots & worming. Then...I took my new little furbabies home.

Good grief...for at least a year they were the wildest things on 4 feet....crazy little kittens, doing all of the things that kittens do. I was in deep grief for Mew, while at the same time, I was learning to love again. This new love was different than Bartholomew's but it grew to be just as deep. Five years later...I love Sadie & Dexter with of all of my heart & soul.
xo xo xoHappy 5th Birthday Sadie & sweet loves. xo xo xo

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What a beautiful story!!! Happy Birthday, cuties!!!
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Awwww what a sweet story on how they came into your life


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Happy Birthday, Sadie & Dexter!

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, sweeties!
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happy birthday from your freinds in the uk
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I hope you have a lovely birthday, you share the same birth date as my baby girl Molly who is one today. It was so nice of your friend Stephanie to do that for you....I bet it was a lovely suprise.

Hope there enjoying being spoilt rotten, as we have spoilt our little girl. Would love to see some photos the special day.

Love Eva and Cats x

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and purrs from, Lilo, Garfield, Spicey, Chief, Petals, Spot, Dot, & Bonita, and Sarah
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Happy Birthday Dexter & Sadie!!!!!
I know your meowmy is spoiling you rotten!!!
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happy birthday to them both!

[am I the only pet owner that doesn't worry about pets birthdays?]
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Happy Birthday you two!!!
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Thank you everyone for your birthday wishes. I have really enjoyed reading them.
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What a beautiful story of how Sadie and Dexter joined your family!
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