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blinking eyes

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I have a big nutered male cat and he's not all that tame, I have always blinked at him when I talk to him, or look away and then look back at him, well tonight I said to him Oh your so handsom and he blinked about 10 times and just kept looking at me then blinking more, he has never blinked at me like that, does it mean anything good
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Eye blinking is a method cats use to communicate with members of their colony. I use the trick all the time with feral cats (or other cats that aren't that tame) to let them know that I accept them. When they blink back, it is telling you that they accept you.

It's funny that he blinked back when you told him how handsome he is. Sometimes I swear that they understand human language. My bet is that he was very happy that you told him that and he wanted to tell you that by blinking over and over. I tell mine all the time they are handsome and they blink at me also.

In my household, my husband and I call this the "blinky-blinkies".

Keep up the blinking!! It's a great bond with a scared cat.
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my kitty does the same thing too, we also call it blinky blinky, that's such a good thing when kitty does this.. he really loves you!
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We do blinky eyes at our cats all the time. It went a long way toward getting our shy Pearl socialized. She sits on the table by the front door and blinks at us when we come in. It makes her so happy, she rolls on her back and purrs.
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Oh, yes, we do blinkies here and I tell Mellie how pretty she is and the boys how handsome they are, and they just soak it up!! Oh, those little cat egos sure do need lots of feeding!!
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One of my kitties (Jack) did the blinking at me tonight...so cute! Since I had read about it here it made me feel all warm and fuzzy.
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I blink at my Siamese all the time and she does indeed blink back and yes, it is a warm and fuzzy feeling!!
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Milky does this but only when he´s awake and I think, he tryed to convinced me to I stand up and go to feed him! ....but Still loving him! ......
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