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Yankee Candle Co.

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Today was my last day working for this piece of **it company and I am SO glad. They are supposed to be such a family oriented company, but their whole system is designed to screw over their employees. If the district manager can stick it to his managers, he gets a bonus, if the store managers can stick it to their employees, they get bonuses. Every time there is a holiday, the retail employees have to wait an extra day to be paid. We have still not been paid this week. We had to wait till Friday, but when we called the payroll office at 5:00 today, she said we should have gotten them yesterday. Now it will probably be Monday! We were subject to be searched at any time, but always had purse searches before leaving the store. I was told at one time that they could search cars, but have never heard of actually happening. I have been trying since November to find out if this is legal. I guess I will just have to go to the Labor Department office, since I have not gotten any replies to my emails. My poor baby Leo needs to go to the vet and I can't take him until Monday afternoon. I am so mad I could just hit someone!
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That does sound pretty bad. Where I work and with the government, with holidays we always get paid the day prior. Also if payday lands on a weekend, we get paid that Friday. It sounds as if that company has some serious issues. I am sorry but if I were going to steal something, I would make sure it was more than a stinking candle!! What a bunch of jerks!!
If it makes you feel better..LOL I don't buy Yankee candles, I order them from Party Lite.
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I'd get a good labor lawyer or call one for advice. Usually the first consultation is free at some places. They have no right to search your car. And withholding pay is also illegal, especially if you've been let go. Make sure you get a pink slip. Call a lawyer and find out what your rights are. Get a copy of what your rights are and go in there with both barrels. That is absolutely absurd what they are doing. Since you've told me this, I will never buy another Yankee Candle ever again, I don't care how good they smell. I'll go buy X-brand. Hang in there!

I used to work at Dress Barn and all they did was go thorugh the motions of "glancing" in your purse. They didn't empty it out. Even the managers thought it was ridiculous.

As far as your cat Leo is concerned, call your vet and explain the situation to them and see if they will let you pay the minute you do get your check.
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No more Yankee Candles for me either! I will use www.scentsations.com. They have the BEST smelling candles EVER!

I am sorry that this experience has hit you so hard. I do not blame you for being mad. Remember though, when one door closes, God opens another. Keep the faith KK. Things usually happen for the best.
You are in my thoughts

PS - what is wrong with the kit?
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Leo has a big sore behind his ear that he keeps scratching and looks like it may have a small abcess. Poor baby lays his head in my lap and looks so pathetic. I know it must hurt.
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Sorry to hear that Yankee treats their employees so horribly, krazy kat 2! The search thing, especially searching a car is ridiculous, if you ask me ...... Lack of trust in their employees, I guess, and that is the sad part! I'd definitely go to the Labor Dep't. and get your money. Gold Canyon makes some good candles ...... nice & smelly!
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Geesh! What tyrrants! These people sicken me and I'll have to agree with everyone here that a lawyer would probably be more than happy to take a case such as this! Like Deb said, God will definitely open another door for you. Keep the Faith and don't back down from these GOONS! Justice will prevail, just keep on 'em, get an attorney and go to the labor board.

You're in my thoughts ...Oh, and I'll NEVER purchase a candle from them.

Don't fret KK, Leo will be okay...he has you!

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It really sucks to hear that kk2! I like yankee candles alot because they are so fragrant.

I have a huge problem with their pay procedures and that the people that screw others are rewarded for that. As far as their searching polices are a bit harsh, but I bet they are brought on by being robbed blind in the past. Unforunately there are unscrupulous people who make it rough for the rest of us honest folk. I blame the people that steal more than the company for their over zealous searching.
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I'm on your side. What a horrible situation. I'm sure if you call your vet and explain, he'll tell you to bring him in. BTW, regarding searching cars, they do it at all the hotels in Vegas now because of September 11th and IT'S LEGAL. They also search your bags at the hotels, airports including making sure the cat in the carrier is a cat and it's all legal. I don't like the fact of what they did to you but I do know that they give 43% of all sales to charitable origanizations when the organizations do some type of sale. The only time that the organization doesn't benefit from the sales is when someone buys candles and doesn't pay the group that is selling for charity. I would definitely make a complaint to the Labor Board but unless you have lots of money, no lawyer will do anything. Yes, some lawyers give free consultations but won't do anything unless you retain them and that is costly. Believe me, I know it because I'm in the legal field.

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Did you quit or get laid off, kk?

If you quit they can wait through the next pay period to give you what they owe you. If you were laid off, you are supposed to be made whole immediately.

Believe me, the bad publicity you posted about them here will reach very far.

At least you have the satisfaction of knowing that you don't ever have to go there again.
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I was a seasonal employee. Things have been so slow at the tattoo shop, I took a job at YCC to help us through the really slow time of year. The good news is, I made enough to require my previous job to pay me unemployment benefits for awhile. All of the seasonal employees were supposed to be gone by 01/05/02. Thinking that we would get almost no hours, I unofficially took myself out of the running to stay on permanently. We were told that only 3 people would be staying. I looked at the schedule for next week, I am the only one not on it, WITH plenty of hours. I asked my manager, who is supposed to be a friend, about this, she just looked at me. I didn't even think about this yesterday, but I didn't answer 1 phone call from people looking for their checks. We have 8 inches of snow from a freak winter storm, but most people would have at least called to find out if their money was there. Hmmmm.
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Wow... I'm really sorry things are so awful for you right now! And you certainly have every right to be mad, I would be too!! I can't beleive they have the nerve to search all your personal belongings like that!!! Just try to hang in there, though, and don't back down, and like Catarina said, God will open another door for you, and you will probably end up with a much better job!!! I hope it gets better for you, my thoughts are with you.
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