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Please vote for Echo!

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Hey, everyone! I have entered my little Echo in a cat of the month contest, and I wanted to ask everyone if they could vote for him! Voting starts today, and will last throughout the month of March. Each person can vote once daily. Here is the url that links directly to the site:


Or, you can check out the web page I created for Echo. You can read a little about him, and see some cute pics of him. A link to the contest site is here also.


Thanks, everyone. We appreciate all the votes we can get.
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Echo got my vote!
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You got it...I just went and voted for Echo.
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I just cast my vote for Echo. I've said it before but, I am very partial to yellow cats. They have the greatest purrsonalities!
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I also just voted for Echo! I noticed too that there was another Merlin! He was adorable!! (but don't tell My Merlin I said that...lol)
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Thank you all so much! Echo really appreciates it! Even if he doesn't win, it's still fun to try! All those cats are adorable. If anyone here ever enters that contest, I'll return the favor and vote every single day! Thanks again!
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I just voted for Echo..... I just entered our kitten Tigger, too! Not sure when the picture will be posted, though!!
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I voted for Echo too - I see that he's running a close second! Give it a few more days in this forum and I'm sure he'll be !

I have thought of running similar contests on this site but I just couldn't do it! All cats are so sweet I can't bear the thought that some of them won't be no. 1! They're all winners to me! As I looked at the results, I kept thinking about the sweet other kitties that are getting only a few votes...

Oh, well, it's all in our eyes anyway... they know they're all no. 1 to us! Best of luck to you and to Echo!
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I feel the same way about the other kittys with only a few votes! But they are all so adorable, so this contest really doesn't matter as far as that goes! I just wanted to see my little man in the spotlight for a while, I guess! I just love him so much! So thanks again for the support, everyone. Remember to vote every day!
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Those babies are so cute I wanted to vote for all of them. I voted for Echo too. He is very adorable... quite the ham in front of a camera. Looks like he might win!! Good luck
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I voted too! Echo is so cute! :flash: I hope he wins!
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Make sure to tell us if he wins!!!! I voted for him....but I still can't get that other "Merlin" out of my mind....I would kill to have a kitten like that!!!!
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That's not to say that I didn't think your Echo was absolutely adorable too, 'cause I did...and I'm glad he got my vote.
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Echo is adorable! He just got my vote-I hope he wins!
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He got my vote--what a cutie!
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I voted for Echo too! But, they were ALL so cute! How can anyone choose just one cute one? They all have such distinct personalities and looks that make them each uniqely beautiful!
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I agree! This contest is really more about who can collect the most votes, rather than which cat is cutest. Personally, I think Merlin is the most adorable kitty in the contest, but they are ALL just incredibly sweet! Unfortunately, my Echo is not doing too well. Unless people go back and vote every day this month, I'm afraid he may fall too far behind soon. So, remember to go vote each day, if it crosses your mind! Echo's daddy is really proud of his little man, so I'm trying to get as many votes as I can each day. Thanks for supporting Echo. Next month, I'll definately support the next kitty who needs votes!
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I voted again! Totally cool!
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I voted again for Echo and it looks like he's taken the lead! (and a stronge lead at that). Annie
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