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Novice Cat Owner Slightly Worried

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Hi guys/gals, this is my first post so bear with me.

I recently adopted a 4 mon. old kitten from a local humane society. All seems great as he has eaten, drank and has been pretty curious the whole time. He has even used his litter box a few times.

My only concern is that when I have been petting him, he starts to emit a small grumble (a growl? or maybe a purr?) and it seems as though its coming from it's neck somewhere. The thing about it is that it goes on for a little while after I pet it and then stops.

Can anyone enlighten me on what this might be? Thanks!
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Hi and welcome! Is your user name significant... we have a basketball player down here who's first name is Manu.

Um, have you not heard a cat purr before? Does the cat look content or frightened when you pet him? If the cat looks happy, I would say it's a purr... otherwise, could be a growl..
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Manu Ginobli? He's named after him... my fav. player.

I am new to the cat scene, and have only information I have gathered from various cat sites and forums, so it might be a purr.

I think the cats pretty happy when he starts to grumble. He has done it while sitting in my lap and looking all drunkish. It might be a purr, but the only thing the worries me is that he continues to purr after I've done petting him.
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Ha ha, thought as much. You're a Spurs fan in Toronto?

Aw that you've never heard a cat purr... cats can totally keep purring long after you're finished petting them. A new one I took in will purr for a good 15 minutes after I've sat with him (not even petting him). Noisy little motor!
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Listen to some of these clips and try to compare the "purr" and "purr1" sounds to what your cat is doing?

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My cat's name is Manu. And yes I am a Spurs fan in Toronto. Toronto is a very multi-cultural city, and I have a few friends from Argentina, Virgin Islands and France!

As for Manu, it's a relief that he's not growling. He also purrs when he eats too. He's been dying to get out of his safe room tonight. It's such a giant room but he always wants out...
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As cat people would say -- "his motor is running!"
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It sounds as though this kitty is getting along "purr-fectly"!!
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Yup, I definitely think I have a little singer on my hands. Always meow-ing and purring!
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