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I was thinking we could post some of our favorite and not so favorite behaviors that kittens do... anyone up for that?

-My favorite behavior, as recognized by sarahh, is when they gently tap you on the face while they're gazing at you... even tho it's them marking you, it's just so sweet.

-One of my least favorite behaviors is them punching my eyes! Has anyone ever had this happen: they'll be staring at your eyes and then all of a sudden, they'll pounce/bat at your eye. I think they just don't understand eyelashes...

-Oh yeah and I'm not a big fan of the biting and them attacking feet at night, lol!

Anyone else?
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My fav:
- When Hobbes is sitting down, i'll put my face up close to him, he'll give me little nose to nose eskimo kisses and paw on my face gently. My knees feel week everytime he does that Another one would be him climbing into the bed between us in the morning and snuggling up under the covers. Nothing beats waking up to a mouthful of cat hair!

Least fav:
i'll be cooking in the kitchen and he'll pounce and attack my feet for no reason. It bloody hurts too! Either that or he'll try to walk between my legs and interrupt my cooking. i get so paranoid when he does that because i've stepped on his tail a few times already.
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Seamus has been known to punch me in the eye before. Usually when I just wake up, look at him, and close my eyes again. That's when I sometimes get an eyepunch.

I love it when he comes snuggling up to me at night. He'll either sleep under the covers curled up against my tummy or he'll curl up on my right shoulder with his face right next to mine. And he gives me little kisses and sweet nibbles.

I also love it when I catch him sitting at the window seat, staring out at the neighborhood. He looks so cute and watchful, with his little paws crossed in front of him on the sill.

And when he follows me around the house. The other day he was resting behing the window curtains, but would occasionally peep his head out to check on me. I tried to sneak out to get a beverage, but when I got glass and turned around, there he was all stretched out on the floor watching me.

I hate it in the mornings when he'll start licking me. When I can't take it anymore and try to take my hand away, he'll bite me. Sometimes, he goes nutty and will start leaping at me and biting me. I have to remove him from the bedroom.

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