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Health issues

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For those of you who read the lounge, you already know I adopted another kitty from a local shelter.

Just a couple of questions though:

I have her medical papers and she was seen on 12/12/01 for spaying and shots and a checkup. Everything checked out fine, and she appears to be in good health.
but I noticed there is an area on her front leg that is bald. Not all the way to the skin, but the fur is noticeably shorter. Could this have been from an injury. It is not round, more squarish. I assume its not ringworm due to the shape, and the fact that I can't see her skin.

Also, there is nothing in her file about being dewormed. Should I have her tested to be safe? OR wait to see if she has any signs. Right now, she is acting normal and eating normal.

Lastly, the vet used is a local vet w/ a good reputation. I am torn between making her an appt at my own vet or just wait till her next due date for a checkup. She was just there, and I do have her papers from her shots, etc. The lady who owns and runs the shelter told me I could just wait till her next due check up since she was just there and is completely healthy.
What is normal? Should I take her in, or just take a wait and see approach if anything turns up?

Oh, meant to say she is 1 year old female. NO history of health issues, was found abandoned in a trailer park and owners did not want to pay the "boarding" fee to reclaim her. Can you believe that????????

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The hair could be anything. She could have chewed it if she was stressed, they could have trimmed it if they did a leukemia test. I would just keep an eye on it and make sure nothing developes at the site.
I would be they dewormed her when she went in. It may not be on the papers. If they were outside or have an unknown history, they usually do just to be on the safe side. If she is eating normal and her stool looks okay I would just go to the vet for her annual or if something developes.
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Thanks Sandie. After I posted I looked at the papers again and realized she had been tested for Felv and Aids...so that is probably why she was shaved there.

And as far as the deworming, I just emailed the woman to ask her if it was done. If it wasn't I'll keep a close eye out just to be sure I don't see any in the litter box.

Thanks for the helpful response! You always help me so quickly!!
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