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I just made a wonderful dinner

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And now I'm not hungry
I guess I'll reheat it later and eat it.

In the meantime I get to hear my fiance' telling me how good it is.
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i had that problem yesterday
what did you make??

I made two minute steaks, with mushroom onions on the side, mash potatoes, with creamy herb gravy
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mmmmmmmm steaks... hubby just jumped in the car to go pick up my "birthday dinner", which was saved to tonight even though my bday was Thursday... New York Strip steaks from Longhorn Steakhouse.

I, too, had a big lunch so it'll virtually make me ill but I intend to eat every bite! What made you lose your appetite?
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I marinated two boneless/skinless chicken breasts in caesar salad vinaigrette and baked them then melted parmasan and mozerella on them.
I also halved some red potatoes and sprinkled them with dry ranch dressing mix and pramasan, drizzled olive oil over them and roasted them.

I was so looking forward to dinner.

I'm hypoglycemic, my stupid bloodsugar made me lose my appetite.
It dropped so I had to eat something just a couple hours ago.
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Don't lose hope! I'm a BIG fan of food, so even if I weren't than hungry I'd still enjoy it. But that's why I have weight problems!

You'll still get the chance! If you didn't have to eat anything big you'll be ravenously hungry for that yummy chicken in no time!
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I feel slightly better, my wonderful Spaz stole his last bite of chicken!
Yay for kaniving old cats
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LOL! That's what he gets for not having a small snack and waiting until you were hungry to eat with you!
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I had a freind come and visit from out of state last week. We made spagetti together. from scratch. cut up and tossed a bunch of stuff in and simmered it down. cooking for 2 is so much more fun than cooking for one.
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That sucks. Well, I wish my appetite would slow down... damn medications.

Just had a garden salad with light ranch dressing and two vegetarian egg rolls. And a Coke. And bought some chocolate for later.
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I have a huge bowl of chocolate bits, you are welcome to it. I am most likly the only female in the world who dont like chocolate.
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YUMMY--wanna share the recipe? I'm always looking for new grub ideas!
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I posted my entire recipe

I finally got to eat, yum!
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