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Stupid people (rant, anyone want to join me?)

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So, I'm looking for a new doctor, and about a week ago I found a really great website that has a business directory for my neighbourhood - there was a medical clinic listed, so I called and made an appointment. It was for this morning. So this morning I headed over to the address that was listed on the website, and after 20 minutes of searching could NOT find the doctor's office - at that point I knew I was going to be late, and that I needed help finding it, so I called the number that I'd also gotten from the website. Conversation went along the lines of:

Kylie: Hi, I have an appt. in a few minutes but I can't seem to locate your office. Could you help me out?
Receptionist: (annoyed tone of voice) Okay. Where are you?
Kylie: I'm beside ________ (name of business in the same building where the doctor's office was supposed to be).
Receptionist: (still in an annoyed tone) I have NO idea where that is.
Kylie: Um, well, it's in the same building as you, at _______ (address), on the first floor.
Receptionist: We're not at _______ (address). We're one block north of Yonge and Eglinton (major intersection in Toronto).
Kylie: Uhhh... then can I ask why you are called the LAWRENCE Yonge (different major intersection) Medical Clinic?
Receptionist: We're not called that.
Kylie: This isn't the Lawrence Yonge Medical Clinic?
Receptionist: (still sounding very annoyed and impatient) No.
Kylie: Oh, I'm sorry, I must have the wrong number.
Receptionist: Okay. (hangs up)

So at this point I assumed I must have written down the wrong number from the directory and maybe somehow accidentally written down the one above or below the correct one, so after 10 more minutes of searching for the office in vain (in 100 degree weather ), I went home to check the directory and get the correct number, since I was late at this point and wanted to call them ASAP to explain.

Well, guess what? Upon checking, it WAS the right number! So I call them back and get the same receptionist, and this time:

Kylie: Hi. I talked to you about 20 minutes ago. You told me that you aren't the Lawrence Yonge Medical Clinic and that you aren't located at _________ (address). Well, I'm confused. I found your number on a website that lists your name and address as the Lawrence Yonge Medical Clinic, at _________ (address) - I think maybe your number has been listed incorrectly.
Receptionist: (same snotty tone) Oh, well, we *used* to be the Lawrence Yonge Medical Clinic and our office used to be at that address, but we moved and changed our name a couple of months ago.

Can you believe it?!! When I called 20 minutes earlier and told her that I was searching the old address for the old clinic name, she acted like she had no clue what I was talking about and let me think I had the wrong number! Who in their right mind does that?!! I was furious and told her that she could have mentioned that the first time I called, and her response "Oh, yeah, I guess I could have".

So I cancel my appt. and tell her that she might want to tell whoever's in charge of the website listing that it needs to be changed, so that more people don't make the same mistake, and you know what she says (in the same snotty, rude tone of voice she's had the whole time, mind you)? "Oh, nah, that's okay, it's fine, don't worry about it." Uh, no, it's not fine! I wasted 40 minutes searching for an office that isn't there anymore because of that listing and her incompetence. Can you imagine?!! I seriously can't believe that someone that stupid is actually employed.

So, that's my rant. I feel much better. Anyone else care to share their own stories of run-ins with frustrating customer service personnel?
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Boy can we say doofus or what! That kind of stuff drives me nuts!
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Hmm...havent gotten that myself. But i know I have been on the bad end of someone being lost and not able to find the place..

diffrence with me and this gal..A) I never use a snot tone of voice its rude
B) I am always up front and state I am the answering service. I am not in their building. I am sorry.

I can go in circles for a long timre with people on that one..
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i would have gone to the "actual" place and complained who ever is in charge of hiring her
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I agree with fwan. She should be reported. I'm sorry you had to go through such ignorence.
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I so agree with the general. and vent all you like as long as it aint about the Harry Potter book.( that i couldent care less about)
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Oh, I think that a written complaint to the doctor(s), and the office manager are definitely in order!! There are too many good people looking for jobs that could easily fill her place. Can you imagine if you'd had a bladder infection, or sun poisoning, or other urgent situation that wandering in the summer heat would make worse?! Or think if you had small children in tow!! No, there's no excuse - she's PAID to be pleasant....and I've had to put up with the public for years, even the very irate, the drunk, the mentally disturbed, so I know how frustrating it can be. Those good at the job usu. consider it a challenge, like confronting an angry dog or taming a feral cat or earning the cooperation of a frightened horse, etc. You also should notify the website of your experience. In fact, in response to your post, I am going to send a letter to Vons, thanking them for their pharmacist's awesome attitude & help in assisting my friend the other day; we were grateful for her assistance before, now I'm doubly appreciative!! By the way, prayers & vibes on finding the medical clinic that will be best for you -- Fate may have done you a favor!!
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Seriously, I think all the people in the world who are that stupid (and there are a LOT of them) should be rounded up and chemically castrated so that maybe we can improve the average iq of the human race! LOL!
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One of the receptionists where I work is just that stupid, but she is always pleasant. I have no idea why she has not been fired yet. She schedules people with the wrong doctor, she lets me know my patient is waiting, but gives the wrong name, she is just kinda stupid. It really annoyed me at first, but now I realize she just isn't working with a full deck. I'm sure she would be good at some job, just not what she is doing now. But I figure it isn't even her fault-it is her supervisor who doesn't seem to care about when she makes mistakes!

I do report errors that I become aware of. Of course anyone can make a mistake, but when someone comes to the office to see the doctor, and can't see them because they are scheduled with a different doc, that is just wrong. (Not to mention the other doc misses seeing one of their patients due to the time slot being filled.)

Kylie, I agree you need to notify the website company. And call or send a letter to the person in charge. I wish more people would complain about our dunce, because I think she is bad for business. But she is very likeable!
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