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cat accepting of a kitten?

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I have 2 cats, one is freindly to other cats and one is just hateful(other cats} and she is so territorial. I wonder if she would be accepting of a young kitten instead of an adult? I was thinking of fostering a kitten just to see, because if it did not work out I could tell them and give it back instead of just getting a kitten and hoping it worked without a trial and error. Have any of you had the experince of bring a kitten home where you have a unfreindly to other cat situation?
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Anytime you introduce a new cat/kitten to an established group you upset their order and routine. Done correctly, the introductions can work. But people who just put cats together right away generally have problems they wouldn't have if they separated them at the beginning and made the intros gradual. Also, if you are fostering through a rescue or a shelter- be sure your resident cats are current in shots and the kitten you bring home has been properly vetted and given a thorough exam.
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I think the chances of a young cat fitting in are better than a mature cat. But it's no guarantee. Even a kitten can be aggressive. And the kitten you foster isn't going to have the same personality as the one you get for yourself. Or were you thinking of keeping the foster if it works out?

Be sure to read up on new cat introductions and plan ahead so you're all set to do it right from the start.
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