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Overweight cat

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Hi everyone. My cat is a little...er...on the large side. I've tried everything to get his weight down but at the end of the day he just doesn't do exercise, what should i do? Any tips would help thanks!!
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I too have an overweight cat (although he is only slightly overweight now), main tips are feed him less, and depending on his age, feed him senior food as it has less calories in it, and make him play more. You might have to try loads of toys, but you will find one that he likes playing with. Favourites in my household are string, laser toy and catnip sheep. If he likes catnip, giving him some catnip to make him happy before exercise might be a good idea. Also, get some low calorie treats (again i use Senior food) and reward him with a couple of them after every 10 mins of playtime. Might have some more tips at work, i did download a few things on overweight cats.
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Hi there,
This Chart will help you tell if your cat is just a little plump or really overweight.
What food have you been using to try and slim your cat down, or have you been approaching this by trying to increase exercise only?
Do you leave dry food out at all times, or offer food at certain times of the day - if so, how much?

If your kitty an indoor only cat? What kinds of toys are it's favorite (not all cats respond to catnip - does yours?) Does your cat like to climb, to bat balls, or prefer long toys it can wrestle with and rabbit-kick?

A little more information would be helpful.
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Billy was pretty chubby, too... but I put him on Purina One Weight Loss Formula, and he slimmed down in NO TIME! In fact, he lost weight too fast, and I had to switch to a mix of diet/normal food. I'd definitely recommend it, but keep an eye on his weight if you do, and make sure he isn't loosing weight unhealthily.
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