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transporting iguana to Germany

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I am moving from the US to Germany and I am trying to find a way to transport/ship my iguana.

I have viewed the CITES webiste http://www.cites.org/ and the US dept of fish and wildlife website and am filing for the appropriate permit.

Now I need to find out how to get my iguana there.

I know that my iguana needs to go through a designated wildlife import/export port. http://international.fws.gov/animals/wildlifeport.html

I am wondering which airlines would accept an iguana,or what services I can use to ship her there.

Does anyone have any experience with this?
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Wow! You must be really, really, attached to that iguana!

I think Delta (in this country) is one of the larger "pet" shippers.

This might help:

Delta U.S. Domestic & International Pet Travel

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Yes,we want to take all of our pets.I've already got the cats and dogs figured out.But the iguana seems to be a little harder.
I think I will send Delta an e-mail asking about international travel for iguanas.
I know they ship reptiles as air cargo,but I am not sure if they do it worldwide,and I am concerned about getting the iguana to the appropriate port.
Thanks for the info
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ooo where in germany are you moving to???
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We are moving to Geilenkirchen,its northwest Germany.
Have you ever been there?
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hmm nope the furthest ive been is Helmsted, and Kiel.
I live in Witten which is next to Dortmund
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I'm not familiar with Geilenkirchen, either (just Gelsenkirchen). Do you know the zip code? I live in Baden-Württemberg (SW Germany). Sorry, I have no idea of the regulations for importing iguanas.
I found the town's website (in German & English): http://www.geilenkirchen.de/publish/ Click on the British flag to get the English version.
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I think the zip code is 52511.

From what I've been reading its legal to import an iguana to Germany,I just need to get the proper permit.The only problem is finding a way to transport her there.

Also,I was wondering...are there many kennel/boarding facilities for dogs/cats there.We might have to kennel our pets while we search for a house/apt to rent.

I will check out the website you posted
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