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It Happened... Cosmo got out!!

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Hey Everyone,

So, my house has these screens that just pop out... they have like tension clips that keep them in place, but really, with just a little force, they pop right out. Cosmo jumps up into the windows with such vigor that I've been worried about him accidentally bumping one out of place and getting outside.

Well... it happened last night!

This morning, we awoke to Cosmo meowing LOUDLY. He was meowing like crazy, coming into our room, jumping up onto the bed and MEOW MEOW MEOWing. He was pacing in and out of the room.

Finally, my daughter got up, and I hear this shreek... she comes running into our bedroom where my husband and I are still half asleep (trying desperately to ignore the meows for just a little while longer)...

"Mommy! Cosmo caught a mouse!! It's dead in the hallway"...

"are you SURE?"

"uh... yeah! He doesn't have any toys THAT life-like!"

So my husband and I get up and I venture into the hallway first (my husband being the rodent-wimp that he is)... and there's Cosmo, meowing proudly, sitting like a Lion beside his freshly killed prey.

I looked closely at it... it didn't EXACTLY look like a mouse... something was odd... legs and tale were too short...

I patted Cosmo on the head for bringing us a prize (albeit a gross one) and went to get the paper towels and some tongs. I draped the little corpse like a crime scene victim and carefully picked up the mouse-paper-towel package with the tongs and took it outside to the garbage.

A short time later, my husband calls to me from my stepsons room "why is the window wide open?" -- "what do you mean??" I ask -- no screen, fresh to the outside "did you do this on purpose?" he asks... I run in and tell him of course not... but NOW we have our answer where the 'mouse' came from. It wasn't a mouse at all... it was a mole.

During the night Cosmo must have knocked out the screen, gotten out, caught a mole and brought it back IN through the window for us, plopping it proudly in the hallway for us to find.

At this point, we realized Cosmo had gone back out, so I went out to the bushes under the window to find him perched in the dirt in all his glory. It took me a while to coax him out and get him back in the house, but finally (and luckily) I did.

And we've already been to home-depot to buy some white duct tape and have now firmly securely all the screens so they won't pop out so easy!!

What an adventure he had!
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Isn't it funny how our "kitty babies" love to bring us such wonderful presents??
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Ohhh Cosmo... you handsome little man. Did you bring meowmy a present? That is so sweet of you!!
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Isn't it cute/funny how they see it as a great prize they have brought to us, while we see it as a gross, dead rodant?
So cute that they are so proud and awaiting prise from us. Good lil Cosmo! You big hunter, you!
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Wow, Cosmo gets more done before breakfast than my two accomplish all day!
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My cat likes to sit by the window and look outside. Today, I decided to take him out on the balcony, but he wont' have none of it. I guess he is happy with just looking out, but doesn't want to actually be out. He is just not a brave adventurer like Cosmo.
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Good for Cosmo! If it was brown, with short legs and a little snout, it may have been a vole. My cats catch them all the time. A mole is much bigger than a mouse, and is pure black, with almost webbed yellowish feet. My Ellie brought one in once, but I managed to rescue it ( they are blind from living underground) and release it.
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Yep - moles are considerably bigger - likely a vole or even a shrew. If it WAS a shrew, he's got a right to be proud - they're fierce little beasts...
Gotta watch for parasites on all rodents, though.
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We have screens kinda like that and I'm always worried. We don't leave the windows open when we go away and we shut them when we got to bed.
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