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Cat repelant / attractors?

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I know that food is a wonderful attractor for cats. Can of tuna = hundreds of new 4 legged friends.

But I'm wondering if anyone's ever developed a cat REPELANT? A scent of some source, that will keep a cat away? The uses of this for keeping neighborhood cats out of my area, and of course also keeping my cats IN our area if they get out, are just invalueable. I know it has to exist out there somewhere. If they can create Feliway, the opposite(s) have to be possible as well.

Anyone have any info on a product that might fit the bill?
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I don't know what you have in mind, but there's a certain plant that gives off a smell cats don't like. It's called a "Scardy-cat plant". Google on that term. Here's one of many links: http://www.scardy-cat.com/
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there are both herbal based and chemical based repellant s some for just cats and others for cats and dogs... try your local pet store
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Orange peel? Might work on some cats, most of them do not like citrusy scents. Good luck!
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Well I'm thinking if I lined the yard with something, it would keep the other cats out (they bother my boys through the windows at night), and keep my cats IN if they're ever outside again... Or at least it might help ya know?
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i did a search at the usual petsmart & petco, found a list of items.


Like i said, orange peel might work too. My mom used to lay them around the areas in her house where she did not want the strays cats to go, and it pretty much kept them out.
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