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Hey, Bodlover!

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It's 4:30 a.m. where I am and I'm up because I'm an insomniac.
What time is it where you are? Not oh-my-god-o'clock in the morning, I'm sure.

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Hey!! Its 10:50am here and Im at work.....yawn....sipping a nice cup of tea!! What you up to lady?
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Hmmm I guess you got back to sleep then....? hee hee...
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HEY!!!! I am up!
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Oh no!! Not YOU!!! ha ha ha ha ha...just joking love!!! So, what are YOU doing?!!!! I've finished my tea now....hey Deb, whats your email addy - I have THE coolest picture to send you!!
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Picture you say????????

I PM'd it to you! It better not involve blinking or anything like that! HEHEHEHE - (evil laugh)
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I'm up too...it's 3:45 a.m. here...winding down from a lovely night at work.

Have lots of news, but want a clear head before I post it....see ya in about 3 months! :LOL: (ok, maybe 4)

Lets just say yesterday my "family" (human) grew by at least a dozen...sigh. :
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Cleo - you get some sleep now and let us know your news when you can! Human family growing?????? Sounds intriguing!
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Ok Cleo you've shown your face - that means you're getting the picture too!!! and no don't worry, its not a relative of Crazyhorse or anything!!!

Ooooo Cleo you have me intruiged (or however you spell it!!) Do tell.....

The pic is on its way!!!
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Please, please, please, post your news about your human family now, please! We can't wait three or four months to find out what this is about!
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It's under Mother in Law...I'm off to bed now...Night
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Hey, Bod!

Actually, I was up another hour or so (4 hours sleep today, woohoo!) but my daughter woke up and needed my attention. Just so you know.

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Ah...thats ok then....just as long as you were'nt avoiding me!!! ha ha ha :laughing2 Hope you get a bit more sleep today hun!!
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