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2 times in 1 week.

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So, last sunday while we were helping my girlfriend's uncle move somethings from his mother's home (estate cleaning, etc)... Jarama, the eldest of my herd, pushed a screen out of a window in the kitchen and went exploring. He was gone (that I know of) for about 12 hours before he came trotting back to me like nothing ever happened at about 5:30am after I took our roomate to work. I had already put out about 200 missing posters, and was calling his name up and down the streets and making familiar "treat" sounds.

Well, now today, about 4 or 4:30 this morning, I left to take my roomate to work again and we noticed that a larger screen was out and of course, Jarama took off. Last time, the other cats just sat at the window looking out. This time, 2 of his sisters and 1 of his brothers went out with him. I caught the boy (Isolero) in the garage right away, and then one of the girls (Miura) who is deathly afraid of the outside world tried to get back in the house through the screen, which my roomate had already replaced. We cornered her in the back as she tried all the windows she could find and then finally opened a back door and she ran in. Jarama then came trotting up as if nothing happened.

Still missing is Cala, one of our younger girls. She's an orange tabby with a green collar with a bow on it, and a heart shaped ID tag with her name and my number on it. I'm *hoping* she's shy enough to stay in the immediate area. Jarama is by FAR the most adventurous and fearless of the herd (and the Alpha cat) and the fact that both times, he only went a few houses away at most... has me really thinking she's right in the area.

We've got tuna out front by the window she kicked out, but the screen is back in because we can't afford more cats getting out. I'm out front of the garage with another bowl of dry food and a friend, waiting and calling her name now and then. Also shaking a tums container, which sounds like the treat bottle we used to use. She's a little pig when it comes to food so I'm hoping that plays to our advantage.

I hope she gets home safe and sound
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Come home Cala!

Is there any way you can sequester the other kitties in another room while you leave the screen open for Cala?
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Come home, Cala! If she is shy and scared, it might help to get a live trap to trap her. Sounds like you are doing everything you can.

Is it possible to get decorative window guards to cover the screens so it is impossible to get out? Now that he knows it can happen, he may just keep trying to escape.

Please let us know when you find her!
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Leave the screen off so the cat if she finds her way back will be able to get inside, and close the door of the room so the other cats can't get out-

www.lost-pets.org will also help give you tips
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Our screens will push out easily as well, we simply screwed them in place to prevent escapes.

Hope your girl comes home soon.
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Homing vibes being sent out to Cala!!!.....Your Jamara sounds like a handful, all right! Please keep us updated!
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She came home the next morning, when things cooled down and got quiet outside (just like lost-pets.org suggested might happen!) She was just waiting outside the front door meowing for someone to let her back in.

I put the screens back in the frames the CORRECT way. Apparently people took them out to clean the windows before we rented the house, and didn't put them back in correctly. They're in the right way now, so we'll see. They're alot more difficult to pop out now.
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