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There are a lot of cats (and dogs) that don't like dry food. As far as the canned food is concerned, there are also cats that don't like "leftovers", and thus insist on small cans/pouches. I now have two that insist on little cans - they won't even deign to split a larger can. Jamie started it, and now ZsaZsa also wants her own little can. A guy who works for a pet food producer told me that the food is heated in the cans to sterilize it, and the smaller cans are logically heated for a shorter period of time, so the food is tastier.
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the problem is that she used to perfer dry food and plus I cant even get her to eat her favorite treats
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She may have decided that she prefers canned food. Or she is sick of that particular brand of dry food (Jamie stops eating a brand after about three months, and won't eat the same brand more than twice a week, so I'm constantly rotating). Also, even though it's a new bag, there may be something wrong with it (does it smell rancid?), or the ingredients may have been changed.
As Pat said, what's important is that she's eating, so I wouldn't worry too much about the dry at the moment.
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Well yesterday i got sakura to eat 2 mini cans of wet food. This is the most ive gotten her to eat so im quite happy. I switched her over to Science Diet savory cuts because i found she loves the gravy on it too. Plus its alot healthier than fancy feast i imagine.

I weighed her yesterday and discover she lost almost 4 pounds, she only weighed 11 before and shes now 7. Good thing shes almost eating what she should be now! Her ideal wieght is 8 so its sad that this is a little bit of a good thing.

Ive thought about what eveyone has said and decided that ill quit worring about the dry food for a while. Ill let the vet know about it and decide what to do then.

oh yeah she went #2 again yesterday and she wasnt consitpated this time!
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Thanks for the update...keep her eating! That's a lot of weight to lose in a short time
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She started to eat dry food today! I bought Iams for her the otherday because i got thinking that if it was the brand she grew up on then maybe she might want to eat it more. Well she didnt start eating till today. She seemed realy curious of it for a while and then tried a few peices and left it alone. Then a little while ago i saw her eating some more!

I really wanted her to start eating dry food again because ill be very busy with my brothers wedding next month and there is going to be a few days when i wont be home with her. Now i wont have to worry so much!

Tomarrow at Sakura's ashtma check at the vet im still going to ask them to check out her teeth just incase.
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Well Sakura has been doing very well

I took her to the vet not long after my last post and they put her on prednisone for the asthma and shes been doing awsome since! She eats her dry food and I still give her wet food on hot days. Which right now its very hot here.
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good to hear a good report
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