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HI!! Goodmorning guys!!!!

I have real bad heartburn at 17 everyday. Always had it too. SO does anyone know what i can use around the house to simmer it down until i can get o the doctor for some pills???

IM die'n of pain over here . So any help will really ease my suffering. Im already fighting off an infection in my throat thats really bad.

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i get that too and it hurts so much, sorry you have to go through this

do you have any bicarb soda? if you mix a little of that with water it can make it better for a little while

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Longterm heartburn may be damaging the inside of your esophagus above your stomach. You need to be checked by a doctor. My dh has changes to his esophagus above the stomach from heartburn. He has been on prescription medications daily for a couple of years, and the damage isn't progressing, but he needs a yearly scope to watch the previously damaged area for cancer.

Until you see a doctor, try over the counter medications like Zantac or Prilosec. And see if there is something in your diet that is irritating it. DH has given up Mountain Dew, coffee, and other things to help. Google heartburn and you should find some good info.
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Gaviscon, not sure if the spelling it right but this stuff works instantly. You chew it and forms instantly as you swallow....i rely on this stuff--
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Sounds more like Acid Reflux.
It can erode the esophagus, as well as cause stomach and duodenal ulcers.
I have suffered chronic reflux for 15 years now, I'm on Prilosec for life.

It's really, really important that you see a doctor.

For relief, I use about 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water, and drink it down.
The vinegar neutralizes the acids.
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I had a serious ulcer that I had to have an operation for a few years ago. I started out with severe heartburn. I still have heartburn, so I take Zantac before I eat, and then Gaviscon after I eat and I'm pretty much heartburn free. I know I have Acid Reflux, but those medications do help it.
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THanks everyone, I have alot thats wrong with me. Just tryn to get it done all at once on Tuesday.

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Prayers & healing vibes headed your way Ashley!! At your young age, acid reflux may be what's going on! I'm glad that you're going to the doctor! If it's ARD bothering you, you might get a sample of Nexium (the purple pill) - unless you have good insurance, it runs $199.99 for a month supply here in CA. It was a miracle for my daughter, she'd been tested for all kinds of stuff, including gall bladder, and her weight was dropping off & her blood pressure was dangerously low. Anyway, the Gaviscon/Tagamet really helped, and with Nexium she was doing great for awhile. then, after 9 months, the Nexium caused it's own gastric distress, and we switched her to Previcid. Now she tries to use Prilosec because it's over the counter, and sometimes she's able to go a month or so just using Gaviscon or Tagament, plus keeping caffein & fried foods, wheat products out of her diet. Please keep us posted - your furbabies need you & we at TCS love & care about you! Susan
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