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Out For A Sunday Drive

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Here's the picture I promised Kittyfoot in another thread. This was at the National Women's Rock Crawling Championships in Farmington, New Mexico. That's me behind the wheel, and my spotter "Joe", who also owns the Jeep I happen to be driving. While I have my own Jeep, it's not quite this set up, and since we were at a competition we wanted all the 'bells and whistles'.

This Jeep is equiped with so much 'stuff' I don't want to list it all, but it includes Air Locker in the front, Detroit in the rear, cutting brakes, custom cage, winch, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah!

By the way, I came in 15th out of 50 some women in the competition. Not too shabby!! We were quite happy, especially since we only went to have fun!

Now... let my try to attach the picture...
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Oh! I want to add that I drove right up and out of that, and finished that particular course with a perfect score! YAY!
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Okay I'm not a car person so I have no idea what you're talking about, but rock crawling looks like fun there. Cool. What's the spotter do exactly?
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Hey Jin!! Thats looks cool!!! (Maybe we could do with one of them in the MJ thread?!!) YEY lady drivers!!!! ha ha ha :laughing2
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WOW - I have seen some of that on TV - WaaaaaaaaaaaaY cool!
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Sunlion, my spotter told me where to drive. When you're in the driver's seat like that you can't really see much of anything... or at least not enough to know where you're going for sure. So the spotter runs around and does all the hard work. The driver gets to sit and relax and just turn the steering wheel. Of course... the driver also gets to go along for the ride when the spotter makes a mistake and the vehicle rolls.

It is pretty fun. Lots of adrenaline! Debra, I know they show the guy's competitions on television, unfortunately I don't get the right channel here! (In fact, I get everything BUT that channel!) So I have to resort to watching the videos. I'm hoping they come out with a video of the one I was in ~ I'd love to see not only me, but the other competitors!
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Wow, that's really cool! And I thought driving in Dallas is hard...
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Jin - I drive like that everyday! At least that is what my husband tells me.:tounge2:
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We don't get much rock-crawling here. Our rocky areas tend to be straight up and down . Lots of woods roads and old logging sites with black gombo mud thrown in for fun. A winch is a necessity if you're gonna play for real. Of course we had our "Dairy Queeners";the guys with all the paint and chrome who parked their lifted truck in the Dairy Queen parking lot and went playing in our trucks. :LOL: :LOL:

Let's see if I can attatch this pic of the Canadian version.
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Now let's try that again.
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Oh yes, we must have winches also! It's not fun to be stuck in a canyon with no way out! Invariably someone comes along that doesn't have one, though... so tow straps are also a necessity!

There are definately differing forms of off-roading depending on where you're at! Around here we do the rock stuff because that's what we've got. We have friends in Kentucky that do a lot of mud. (I prefer to stay away from the stuff, myself!)

Those showy people crack me up! I've seen a lot of those guys that just want to LOOK like they're something... when anyone that knows anything can see they've only got a body lift and bigger tires... and like you said LOTS of CHROME. :LOL:

Of course then... you should see some of our customers... lots of lift, lots of money, lots of goodies, they make their vehicles just the prettiest things you've ever seen... and the next weekend they actually go out and USE their vehicles and bring them back in all bashed to heck! I love those guys! (I just wish I had the finances to do that!)
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