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a question about feliway

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not sure what forum to put this in, so sorry if it should be elsewhere.

I just bought a feliway diffuser to try to help calm Cedar down - just wondering, since he is outside during the day, can I switch it off during the day and only have it on at nights? or is it better to leave it on all the time?
I cant seem to find any information on this..

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Leave it plugged in at all times. This way, when Cedar comes in, the diffuser will already be working.

You can also try putting some Bach's Rescue Remedy drops into Cedar's food or water a couple times per day to calm him down.

BTW, Cedar and Tipsy are absolutely GORGEOUS! Very photogenic...they obviously like the camera!

Cheers, let us know how things go,
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Yeah I think it is best to keep it plugged in the whole time... think of it as an air freshener, if you will... if you leave it unplugged and then just plug it back in, it'll take a bit for it to "warm up" and the scent to start working. But if you leave it plugged in all the time, then it'll smell nice all the time. That's kind of the same thing, you want Cedar to feel comforted every time he walks in the house, not 15 minutes after he walks in.

Does that make sense? Does that seem silly? Lol! Kisses to Cedar for me!
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It works is such tiny amounts that leaving it plugged in is the best way. Part of your problem could just be the outside smells that Cedar brings into the home with him. Cats love to roll on interesting scents they find on the ground, it's a domination thing, but that also makes them smell different to their feline friends and can cause conflict.

Not sure what type of conflict you are running into- haven't been able to keep up on the boards lately- but though I would throw this out there.
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