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Hugs my prayers are with you and your grandaughter hope she gets well soon
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I am praying for her and for you as well. Hugs.
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You and Amber remain in my prayers, Lei. Looking forward to hearing how great Amber is doing! Give hugs and snuggles coming your way from my girls and me!
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Sending lots of warm vibes for Amber from Sweden! -
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I jsut saw that the surgery got moved up.... I am hoping and praying everything is going well!
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A quick update about how Amber is doing after her surgery.
When she woke up in recovery yesterday, after a 2 hour surgery on her brain, everything looked upside down to her but soon it resolved. She can talk, eat & move all her limbs. Although her head hurts, she is taking pain control meds that help. Here is the amazing thing...if she remains stable...she will be discharged from the hospital later today & can slowly resume her normal lifestyle. She will always have a small hole about the size of a dime in her skull. A small part of her beautiful hair was shaved off but she has enough hair to cover the area. It will be some time before we know how successful this surgery was but by the grace of God...this will be the end of it.

Words cannot describe how much your healing thoughs & prayers helped us get though this this difficult time.
Just knowing that you were praying for Amber help me stay calm & able to offer positive support to my family.
You are my wonderful, caring TCS family.
Thank you,
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I am so pleased that it all went well and that she is recovering. Let us all hope it continues to be so and that she will soon be leading a normal life again.
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The poor girl must have been terrified to be seeing things upside down! I am glad to hear things went well!!!
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thank goodness it is over and went so well. I will continue to pray for her complete recovery and thanks for letting us know. God bless..
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I'm glad she is through the surgery, and that we were able to help. Thank you for keeping us updated!
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Lei - I missed this thread. I would have been there adding my good wishes for your grand-daughter's surgery. I'm so glad to hear that the surgery went well. Sending lots of good wishes for her continued recovery and I hope that is out of hospital on schedule and able to gently get back to normal.

Keeping you all in my thoughts
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I am so glad to read the latest update on Amber! Mega hugs to her!
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Lei this is excellent news!!

Hopefully she can come home because they always say you get better quicker when in your own surroundings
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How wonderful!!!!!
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any updates?
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Thanks for asking. I do have an update. Amber became unstable her first night out of the hospital. She ran a fever, was dizzy & very scared. We were all worried about her. It was a very stressful time.
Yesterday afternoon...she made great healing strides. For the first time since her surgery, she ate & had a bath. She is cutting down on her pain meds...we think that will help a lot. She is practicing walking to regain her balance & strength. She said last night that she has no head pain for the first time in months. That is really good news. We will know in a couple weeks if the hole that was made so that fluid could drain from her brain will remain open. If it does...she should have no more problems with pressure on her brain. I will update as soon as I have new info.
Please continue to add her to your thoughts & prayers.
Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.
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I am glad to here things seem to be going well. That's great!
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I'm so glad to hear that she's still doing well after a bit of a nervous start. I'll be keeping you all in my thoughts for Amber's continued recovery
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It must be such an anxious time for you all. You are in my thoughts.
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any more updates?
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Thanks for asking AbbysMom. Amber is doing really well. Except for the area that was opened in her skull, her head pain is gone. During her surgery, a small hole was opened in the left ventricle, deep in her brain. The doctors hope that the hole will remain open, so the excess fluid can continue to drain. That will relase the pressure that was causing her head pain & possible future brain damage.
So far...the hole has remained open. She will be back in my area next week, from her parents home, for follow-up appointments.

Please continue your prayers for will be a while longer before we know for sure the the hole in her ventricle will not close. That is what we are praying for...that the hole remains open.
Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers.
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More prayers and good vibes for Amber!
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Lei the healing vibes still travel to Amber

So pleased she's not in any pain though, because thats half the battle
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Glad to hear things are still going well with her. She is still in my thoughts and prayers. Please keep us updated!
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This is such fantastic news! I'm so glad to hear that (touchwood) the surgery has been so successful I do hope her recovery is swift! one for you: and One for Amber...... oh what the hell one for luck too!
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I'm so glad to hear that Amber is continuing to do well. I'm keeping her in my thoughts Lei that everything goes as the doctors would wish
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