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She is in my prayers... Good luck to you and your family.
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Prayers being sent her way.
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Thank you for your thoughts & prayers. They really do help.
I will update this thread when we have more information about Amber's surgery date.
Thanks again for caring.
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Prayers are going up for Amber!
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Lei, please know you and Amber remain constantly in my prayers.
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Thinking good thoughts and health for this beautiful, beautiful girl
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I am very sorry to hear that your granddaughter is having this problem. I will pray for her complete recovery and for strength for both of you. Hugs.
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Tomorrow (Thursday, Aug. 4th) at 10:30/Pacific Daylight Time...My darling Granddaughter Amber will have surgery on her brain. The above posts explain the background of this surgery.
So many of you have already offered your kind thoughts & prayers. They touched Amber deeply. They made a difference.
I am once again, asking for your thoughts & prayers.
Please, reserve one quiet minute tomorrow morning, to pray & send healing thoughts for Amber. My whole family thanks you.
I will update this thread about how she is doing as soon as possble.
Thank you so much for your support during this very challenging time.

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Oh Lei, your whole family will be in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow, Bless all of you
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She's so young to be going through this, she will truely be in my thoughts tomorrow
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Oh Lei, I will be praying and thinking of you and your beautiful grandaughter Amber . I hope everything goes smoothly and that you know we're all here for you. Keep us updated and let us know how everything goes.
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I'm ages with your granddaughter... I pray that everything goes smoothly and that her recovery is just as good. Love and hugs all round for you and your family. Tell your granddaughter that there will be angels watching over her
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Just recent I see this thread.. definately she count with my thougths and my prayers for the surgery sucess
Don´t give up Lei! ....
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I will be thinking of you all tomorrow! Sending lots of healing thoughts and vibes.

As Emma said, The Angels will watch over and protect her.
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Prayers for a successful surgery and full recovery for Amber. This is as very stressful time, may it go quickly!
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I only just saw this, as I have been away. Good vibes and wishes coming from us here for a wholly successful result.
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I just saw this thread....and my thoughts and prayers are with you and your grandaughter, Amber as she has this surgery. Please update us as soon as you can...and remember, we are here to help you through it!
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Originally Posted by xocats

This is a photo of my sweet 23 year old Granddaughter. She loves TCS too. She requested that I post her photo & ask for your healing thoughts & prayers.

She has been diagnosed with Intermittent Normal Pressure Adult Hydrocephalus...swelling in the ventricles of her brain. The cause is unknown. She does not have a tumor. She was near graduation, from her university, when she began to have disabling headaches. She was treated for migranies. It did not help. She had to leave school. She came to my area & is being treated at a university teaching hospital.

Today, she had her final appointment with her neurosurgeon. He will open some holes in the ventricles of her brain, so that the excess fluid that is causing pressure can drain. This will be done through a hole in her skull. Cameras & all kinds of high tech equipment, that I can't explain, will be used. Because she is so young, it has been decided not to place a shunt. Their hope is that the holes will remain open & the excess pressure & pain will stop.

The surgery will be done as soon a the right team is in place...within one month. There are serious risks to this surgery but it is fairly straight forward. If everything goes will, she will be in intensive care a couple of days, then released.

This was very difficult to write. I am really stressed about this. My sweet Granddaughter is the light of my life. I was there when she was born...I adore her. She is a delightful person with a bright future, if her doctors can get this under control. She plans to finish school when this is resolved.

I wanted to give you some background today & I will update when it is time for her surgery or if there is a major change in plans but please, in the meantime...please pray for her.

My family and I will bepraying for her...Hope she gets throw this terrible ordeal....God Bless You!!!!!!!
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Originally Posted by CrAzYbAsH
My family and I will bepraying for her...Hope she gets throw this terrible ordeal....God Bless You!!!!!!!
I will pray for her and for you as well. Hugs and best wishes.
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I just talked to Amber. She is very scared right now.
She wants to get the surgery over with & get on with her recovery.
None of this seems real to me. I feel like I am in a twilight zone.
I just can't get my mind around what is going to happen to my beloved Granddaughter tomorrow morning.
I would give anything if I could make this all go away.
We are very grateful for your thoughts & prayers.
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She is a beautiful young woman. I wish her the best during this difficult time. Stay strong!
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I had somehow missed this thread. I am so sorry about your granddaughter. I cannot imagine what you must be going through. You have my thoughts and prayers.
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Lei stay strong for her, and just keep thinking that she's in good hands
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My prayers are still comin! I will pray for her throughout the day tomorrow!
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Amber's surgery has been moved to an earlier time tomorrow.
It will be at 7:10AM / PDT.
Please pray for her.
Thanks from the bottom of my heart,
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I'm thinking of Amber for this morning! I am sending lots of healthy and speedy recovery thoughts and vibes.

Amber will be protected!

I'm also sending lots of , thoughts and vibes to you and your family!
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Oh I'll be sending lots of magic to her from my heart! Hoping for a successful operation for sure!
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As we've discussed, Lei, Amber is continuously in my prayers today, and I know for sure she will sail right through her procedure.
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Lots of board magic coming your way - give her a hug from me
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Sending lots of good and positive vibes that Amber's surgery goes well and strength and calming vibes to you both.
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