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new kittens, new problems

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Hi its me, Kittenstree. I'm new here and its taking me a while to get used to the way things are around here. Anyway to my problem. My sister and I just got new kittens about a week ago and there are a few things bothering me. These guys are 5 weeks old and one of them started to show aggression towards the other kitten during feeding. we feed them out of the same bowl and they did fine for the first day or two. But then the one started hissing and growling at the other until he backed off and then hogs the food bowl to himself. They are from the same litter and are fine together playing its just when it comes to feeding. Is this normal behavior? What can I do about it? Also, the same kitten thats growling at the food bowl has started to pee on the couch and on towels on the floor in the bathroom. He still does #2 in the litter box, which is on the second floor, and I was wondering if this could be signs of a UTI? My mom and I are going to bring them to the doctors anyway to get their shots so I'll know for sure if it is, but if it isn't i'm wondering what else it could be. Also, I have a 9-year old cat in the same house, which they are still adjusting to, could she have anything to do with this? Sorry this is so long, i'm just worried for my kitties
Thanks kittenstree
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At 5 weeks old this kitten does not understand the litter pan and cannot possibly hold it long enough to make it to the adult sized litter pan left for him. It is highly doubtful that he is old enough to have developed a UTI -

The kittens should have their own food bowl, as one of your kittens is an Alpha cat and this is normal behavior for a kitten of his age to be dominant toward food, toys or even the litter pan-

Your best option is to provide low-lying pans for these kittens, and not on the second floor, but close to where they eat. Give them more than one pan, give them three, and again steer clear of the adult sized litter pans, and go towards the disposable tin pans that you can bake cakes in. Also do not use clumping litter, as this bothers young kittens because it clumps under their toes since they generally step in their urine.

Have patience with these kittens, they are young and by all rights should still be with mom, but people tend to tire of kitty antics and push kittens out of the nest at a younger age than they should be.
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Hi Kittenstree, and welcome!! Agreed with Hissy -- they're only five weeks -- at this point it's just an accident. Give the little guy who hogs the food bowl his food first. He's obviously trying to dominate his siblings. Trying to fight that is just going to make him unhappy and take out his aggression somewhere else.
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Thank you so much, youve given me confidence that this is normal behavior for these two. I was just really worried that they are so young that it would be wierd for him the be showing this aggresion already. And about the UTI, I realized that he was quite young for that, but I haven't had kittens in a looong time and i'm not used to having to deal with these situations, and having to comprimise the litter box situation for them. Thanks again, kittenstree.

P.S. I've noticed that both kittens, after they have eaten, scratch at the food pad under the containers? what exactly are they doing and what are they doing it for? I'm not really worried about it I just want to know whats up with them.
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Mine both scratch at the floor after they've eaten, it's a long ingrained instinct to bury their food in the wild!
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