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Soy Milk

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(I apologize in advance if this topic has already been covered. I did a quick search and didn't see anything.)

I've switched to soy milk. Grace used to get to lick my cereal bowl for a very short time in the mornings after breakfast. Is the soy milk okay for her? Believe me, she won't get much at all. Just a little of what's left clinging to the bowl.
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On the surface I'd say it's probably ok, but I'd certainly put in a quick call to the vet to be sure.
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Personally, I would rather add water to the milk in the bowl and let the kitty have the liquid that cats need to stay alive- which is water, not milk of any kind unless it is car's milk or KMR
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I cannot give a certain answer on this, but some pet foods use soy protein as an ingredient, so i think it would be ok. however, a vet could probably give you a more definite answer than any of us.
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a lot of cheapo catfoods contain soy, so i cant imagine that soy milk would be harmful unless there are other ingredients in it... some soy milks are high in sugar. soy itself should be fine, i have the book Dr. Pitcairn's Natural Health for Dogs and Cats in front of me right now and in his chapter on legumes he says that tofu can be substituted in his recipes.
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If you have a cat that's "sensitive" to grains it might be a problem, but it's so little.....nah, I think you'll be OK.
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I've been told on many occasions by many different vets that most if not all cats are lactose intolerant (mine has to be - one or two licks of regular milk and his poopies are ssstttiiiinnnnkkkkyyyy! ), so if I decide to give the Ollie man a milk treat I buy him Lactaid (lactose free milk) and he apparently doesn't know the difference! I can see the soy being a problem, but a quick call to the vet wouldn't hurt...
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There isn't any lactose in soy milk. That's why people who are lactose-intolerant can drink it.
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Some cat have allergies to soy, wheat, corn, etc. (like what is probably in the cereal). As long as you don't see any adverse reactions in your kitty, a little bit should be fine. Soy is not toxic, like onions. I wouldn't give a cat lots of it, but a few licks from the cereal bowl haven't hurt my kitty, and he seems to enjoy the soy milk.
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I would say that if you haven't noticed problems, be it in her litter box or with her tummy, you're probably ok, though you might want to call the vet to be extra-sure.

My Leo actually drinks milk occassionally. The vet said that as long as his body could break down the lactose, that the calcium would be good for his teeth and bones. He has no problems with it either way. So as long as your baby isn't showing any evidence as to an allergic reaction, it should be a-ok.
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I appreciate everyone's replies.
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Here's an interesting little article relating to feeding cats soy products:
click here

I don't think I would give my cat soy milk, even a tiny bit, on a regular basis...I already try to avoid any foods or treats with soy products in them for my cats, this confirms that decision (for me anyway!).
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I'm not sure about the soy but I always yell at my partner for giving Dax cereal bowls - I worry about sugary products on her teeth. Even cereals that dont taste sweet often contain alot of sugar... Anyway, its just a thought - Dont worry, I'm sure I live too far away to yell at you in the mornings
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