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Daily thread 7/15/05

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I figured I would start this for today.

I know we have all been saying this, but it is HOT out! Currently 91 here, but REAL humid.

Let's see today I have gone for a walk, watered my outside plants, gone to the cleaners, did a little shopping.

I am now doing laundry and cleaning the pigsty I call home. It's really too hot to be doing it, but with my luck someone will stop by this weekend and see the HUGE cathair tumbleweeds blowing across the floor. I'm "swiffering" the floors, but I don't think they are ever goign to dry in this humidity!

In a little while I will start making dinner. Tonight we are having lowfat tacos, salsa and guacamole. No big plans for later tonight. Maybe Aaron and I will watch a movie.
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Good Work Karen!

Hummmmmmmmmm... about my boring Accountand life.... ....
today was sunny til noon, now is a bit cloudy.....and I´m at the office til 6 PM mexico hour!...
Nothing special, but lot of work and some preparatives to challenge the H. emily.......

anything is normal till now....
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom
HUGE cathair tumbleweeds blowing across the floor

LOL anyone notices my fluffballs floating through the house and I just tell them they're kittens, really, really tiny kittens
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I guess I have lots of tiny tiny kittens then-all over the place.
89 degrees here but no humidity!!!
The infamous watering, weeding. Maybe painting trim????????
Sunday going to SIL pond for swimming on Sunday afternoon to cool off.
Housecleaning, laundry. Reading novels drinking beers..
the usual stuff!!!
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Karen, sounds like we're having the same kind of weather. It's so humid out. I can't stand it.

Well, I went to work today till 5, came home and had dinner, and am now sitting here.........BORING in other words!
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It is hot here in Illinois also.... This weekend its supposed to get even hotter... in the 90's both days. I have a busy weekand ahead of me starting with me getting up before 7:00 am with the housemate with a friend of mine and taking a road trip with my church to help feed some needy people not too far from my town. I am going to have to go to bed early tonight so I could be up that early... But I could do it. Sunday, we are going to have a guest speaker give the sermon at our church... He is pretty good. Thats my goings on in a nutshell!! Take care everyone.
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Well I came home very late last night with my friend Joy, we went to our friends party.

Woke up at 9am this morning - we were supposed to get up at 7am. Anyway Joy left at 10am and I've just finished bathing one of the kittens I am showing tomorrow, Dance. She looks lovely but she just immersed her whole head in the water bowl.

I needed to come to TCS to get my daily fix. In an hour I'm getting picked up by Nana and her friend Wanda and we're going to the airport to pick up a judge for the show tomorrow and a friend of Wanda's who is staying with Nana.

After that we will probably go to the show hall and then come home, hopefully I'll get some more TCS time then we're going out for dinner at Cobb & Co. Yum.

Tomorrow is going to be hectic.

Have a good weekend everybody!!

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I'm so glad someone else started this instead of me... I was starting to feel like no one liked the thread!

Ok my day... wow!

First I turned in my two weeks notice at work, yay! I just handed the envelope to my boss and he was distracted so he didn't ask me what it was, nor did he open it while I was still around. Lucky me!

Then my fiance and I drove down to San Marcus to hit the outlet malls.... I bought 2 shirts and a sweater for my new job, have to look professional, ya know.

Then, of course, my fiance and I got home and stole a kitten, as can be read about in this thread.

So now I'm waiting for my fiance to get home with a smaller litterbox for him and some kitten shampoo so we can wash him up.

What a day!
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Today consisted of more packing!
I went to a furniture warehouse to get plastic covers for my couch/loveseat/ottoman. I went and picked up stacks of newspaper to wrap fragile stuff in.
I went and took boxes and boxes of canned/boxed/and frozen foods to the homeless shelter in the city! I cant take it with me, and there is no point in throwing it away! I am very glad I could help out!
OOOh! I went and got my hair re-highlighted today! It now has white, copper, plum, brown(natural color), and blonde highlights in it!! It is not as crazy looking as it may sound! It is actually very pretty! I love it!
Gosh, I am gunna miss my stylist when i move!
Then I came home, did some homework and then got on TCS!!

Originally Posted by Arlyn
LOL anyone notices my fluffballs floating through the house and I just tell them they're kittens, really, really tiny kittens
good thinking!
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Oooh Meagan your hair sounds nice!! Definitely crazy tho, lol!
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Originally Posted by pinkdaisy226
Oooh Meagan your hair sounds nice!! Definitely crazy tho, lol!

yea, i like to keep it funky!
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I worked last night at this summer ushering job I have at a local theater. So I didn't get to sleep until 3am, I always come home so riled up. It's funny I also got the urge to clean home at 2am and so took out the trash and actually thought I wonder if it will look like I committed a crime or something

So today started later than usual, I got up late. (I am off from my regular job for two months until school starts.) And then ran errands, I made some food for the weekend. I got in touch with some friends via emails.

It's weird being off work, it makes me appreciate the simple boring life of working. I actually miss my job, believe it or not. Working sucks but the alternative is worse!
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Today, I spent the day cleaning, doing laundry, etc, and playing with my kits. I also arranged to start work on Monday (I nanny) after being in Muncie for those 3 weeks.

I also went apartment what a ride that was! Hopefully, by tomorrow, I'll have a place to live for next year!
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Originally Posted by lionessrampant

I also went apartment what a ride that was! Hopefully, by tomorrow, I'll have a place to live for next year!
Good luck!
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Well I've had a busy day but it has been fun.

I'm all dressed up now in my boots and jean skirt and my favourite top that I wore to my Grandads funeral, looking snazzy - can't wait to go to the restaurant.
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