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URGENT Help needed in homing Medway cats, UK

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This is from another cat forum i am a member of, dont worry, i asked permission before posting. They are desperate for any help, so if you know anyone in the area who may want a cat, please ask them to consider getting one from here.

Can any one offer a loving home to a cat or kitten? We are based in Strood, Kent. We have had an explosion of cats being dumped, left in empty house, signed over or thrown on to the streets. Our inspectors and animal collection officers just can not finding any spaces to place cats and the fear is now hitting many centres in our area that the inspectors will have to start putting cats and kittens to sleep. This is due to all our centres are over run and vets are refusing to take anymore as they are already housing so many strays and ill cats for the Rspca.

Our Branch is meant to only take 25 and we have 58 in at the moment and 12 in the vets and 22 waiting to come in. As you can imagine we also get desperate plee’s from inspectors as they do not want to put healthy cats to sleep, but its getting to the stage where they will have to be PTS or be left on the streets to fend for themselves.

We ask for a £55 donation for cats over 7 months, most are fully vaccinated (some have only had 1st) Microchipped, neutered, wormed, de-flead and health checked.

We ask for a donation of £65 for Kittens under 7 months have had their 1st vaccination, been microchipped, wormed, de-flead, litter trained and the neutering is paid for, but the kittens need to come back to our clinic in Walderslade, Chatham to have this done at 6 months old.

All cats over 10 years old we usually ask for a £10-£15 donation to cover the microchip. These cats are no different neutered, microchipped e.t.c.

Please check out our website or Top Cat Page



For every cat we can find a new home for, we know we will be able to help another.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and please pass the information on.

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i might be able to help out but not until November when i'm back from travelling.

my bf might take an oldie or two (again in nov).
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Have you tried The Cats Protection?. This is why i donate to them because they refuse to put a healthy cat to sleep
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Not sure if it would be an option, as these cats are being taken to the RSPCA, and i dont know if there is a local CP, but i will mention it.
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