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Bees! Yuck!

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Ick! I was watering the garden and the plants outside when I happened to notice this grey blob about the size of a football on our porch. It was a bunch of smelly little bees! Now dont get me wrong, I dont mind them when they live off in the woods somewhere and pollinate our flowers, but I wont have the buzzing little things growing on my porch!!!!!

So I sprayed the little fiends with a high pressure nozzle on the hose.


That got rid of them... for now.....

Do you think they will rebuild there again? I would have used some raid but they were all buzzing about and I didnt want to get stung. Yuck. I got the honeycomb loose from the top of the deck too... wootness. They were icky little grey bees. Blech

Wee, my mom's friend also came over wanting to see if my mom was home but she was at work, and she noticed some rocks we hadnt used for the firepit or the garden borders, and asked if my mom would mind she took them and I said she wouldnt so she took them.

Under the rocks were little ant colonies! They had little eggies everywhere. So I poked them with a stick and scattered the eggs everywhere because I am evil. There were two more egg patches under other rocks, including a biger egg which I think was a queen. :O I do not like ants. I like to dig up their little homes and creat havoc....

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If you were down here you would not mess with the little ant colonies 'cause they are little fireant colonies. No wussy little ants for us!

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Heh.. actually... we have fire ants here in wisconsin too... when i was about ten I lived near some (in fact they lived in our plants on our cement porch divider thing) and I would always poke them with a stick.

I am an expert ant poker.

Though I dont mess with the giant two foot tall black ant nests we have in the woods... OOOohhh no. That is a big no no.

Though I will poke it with a stick.

A REALLY big one.

Its sad to see those destroyed though so I only give it a big enough poke to make them move around a bit faster and watch what happens.

Woot. Never burned any under a magnafying glass though. Thats just cruel :O
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Got me to thinking . . .

When I was in the military, the officers and others who were assigned the task of making our already miserable lives even more miserable, seemed to enjoy keeping us standing at attention when we would get back from a long march.

I don't know if any of you ever tried it, but work hard, break a good sweat, and then try standing still, not moving a muscle for about 5 minutes, and if you haven't fainted and plopped, you're a better man than I am, Gunga Din ! !

The subject was ants, and I was wondering why, since I spent a lot of time in the southern part of the US, the ants didn't crawl up our legs to investigate new and interesting real estate, and if some of those Georgia fire ants had started crawling around THERE, I guarantee you, I would have spent the rest of my enlistment on KP, for my hastly invention of a cross between the watusi and the frug. (maybe with a little cross-knee Charleston thrown in)

Likely, the explanation is that the military realized the potential for just such a happening and spread suitable amounts of DDT, or whatever juicy concoction they happened to be using at the time.

Reflection causes me to comment that I DID enjoy a lot of misery from ants, but they were the most vicious and dangerous of any ever belched out of the fires of h**l, and were known as serge-ants and lieuten-ants.

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Originally Posted by BigOrangeMenace

I am an expert ant poker.

Though I dont mess with the giant two foot tall black ant nests we have in the woods... OOOohhh no. That is a big no no.

Though I will poke it with a stick.
you're so funny!
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For what it's worth, Leonard, I don't think we had fireants back then .

And I think we're talking about two different species, Cassie as Wisconsin does NOT have IRFA (Imported Red Fire Ants) unless you've acquired them reeeeeeaaallllly recently.


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What worked the best on ants is Diazonon. But its been taken off the market since last yr due to I think children ingesting it and probably other stuff too. Good thing though I have a couple of containers left.

If you have wasps/bees in a hard to reach spot and don't want to use water. By some powdered Sevin insection and a turkey baster. Suck some of this powder into the turkey baster and "baste" the nest. They will pick the poweder up on their legs.

While working on the "other garage" we used old cedar posts and they were filled with those black ants. EEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKK.. Good thing I had shoes on!!
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I never liked ants either, until I lived in South Carolina for a few years and met real fire ants. Now I know how kind and gentle our ants are, and leave them alone. (Unless they move into the house, then I spray them!)

For bees and wasps we use the spray that shots a long ways, so you can stand back and get them. Twice we've had a nest in our walls, and dh had to pull off the wood siding, kill the bees, and put the siding back up! Oh, how I love country living!
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Here in Ore we have a wide variety of bees but the ones that i dont care for are yellow jackests, they are aggressive and love to sting you for the heck of it if there was a bee straight out of hell they are it, and for removing any bees i would consult a professional exterminator for that job
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