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Ok, I don't know what to try anymore!!

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My first cat, Joshua, has had digestive problems with all the foods I tried so far.

- Eukanuba dry - Chicken and Rice: gave him bad diarrhea
- Nutro's Natural Choice dry: gave him gas
- Homemade food: he refused to eat anymore than a few bites at a time. He doesn't like wet type food, only dry. After over a week I got worried about him eating so little so I got him back to dry food.
- Purina one, sensitive systems formula: I just started that a few days ago and he has been vomiting ever since.

I thought of trying eukanuba sensitive stomach formula and purina pro plan senstive but they are not available here.

I also looked at Natural Balance and Wellness but they are very expensive around here (over $5 a pound)

My other cat is on Nutro's natural choice kitten formula and she tends to have soft and VERY stinky stool.
She actually liked the homemade food but for some reason it gave her diarrhea.

I really don't know what else to try. I need to find an easy to digest food that both my cats will do well on.

Other brands that are available here: Iams, Science Diet, Royal Canin, Solid Gold and prescription foods (I'll call the vets to see what brands they have)

I'm guessing that switching food constantly isn't helping him either.

Isn't there ANYTHING that cat can eat without getting sick??
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I would try the Royal Canin sensitive stomach formula. It worked for my cat. I hope it works. You don't need this problem on top of everything else.
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I had the same problem with Nutro -- loose stools, bad smells -- and Authority (Petsmart's generic premium brand) was ultimately what worked best for Nano. I am not pushing or pumping Authority, but just adding it to your list of options to consider.

And maybe give Royal Canin a try? Use their 200% money back guarantee to cover your investment. Click on the link that is next to the banner ad at the top of the pages.
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My Loki has food allergies bloody Diarreah (sp?) and the only food that he loved and worked (he's been on it for over 3 years now) is:

Life's Abundance

It does not contain: corn, wheat, dairy, by-products, artificial colors or flavors. Also it applies for all life's stages (kitten, adult, senior)

Here is the link if you are interested

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I agree. Life's Abundance is a good choice too. It was formulated by a veterinarian and has quality ingredients.
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Have you tried adding pumpkin to the food? We had a hell of a time finding something that Sara could eat without making her sick when she was a kitten. After I read it on here, we started adding a little canned pumpkin to her food once a day and it helped ALOT! StINKY diarrhea was a thing of the past! After a few months we finally settled on Nutro kitten dry food and quit giving her pumpkin and her tummy has been okay ever since!

Good luck!
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I've used Hill's Science Diet Sensitive Stomach formula a couple times to cure a cat with pudding poop. I only use it long enough to restore normal stools and then gradually switch to something else, because I don't think the Hill's is all that great nutritionally speaking.
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sounds like chicken is your trouble spot.. I suspect it cause it is in both foods in diffent forms and has been known to cause gas to me ... I know the natural balence is $$ but it is cheaper than rx and a vet visit... plus each food should be tried at least three weeks to see if it is just the immediate switch... I have heard the pumpkin idea works for many I know ... I would see which cost more rx Z/d or Z/d ultra or Natural balence venison and green pea
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I just called the vet and they recommend eukanuba low residue formula (which they do sell).
maybe I'll try something without chicken first.
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well, I just bought a small bag of Natural Balance Venison and Peas. I'll see how that works.
I gave both cats some and Joshua didn't want to eat it. Maybe he just wasn't hungry.

If the Natural Balance doesn't work, I'll try the eukanuba veterinary diet.

Keeping my fingers crossed.
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fingers crossed
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When you switch foods, cats with sensitive stomachs will take a few days to adjust. I usually mixed a little of the new food in with the old, gradually increasing the proportion of the new, for a week or so. But I do give them a couple of weeks to really decide if the new food is working or not.

I have had very good luck with the Royal Canin sensitive stomach formula. One of mine is a vomiter, the other has developed nasty rashes from (we are guessing) allergies to stuff in the food. I think it was the egg used as filler in the Authority brand.
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