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The Harry Potter Book - Page 2

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Oh, and I forgot to mention. Someone in front of me in line told me to get the box the books came in because they sold theirs on EBay for $50 last book release. I thought that was crazy. I went ahead and asked for one and sure enough there are all ready 2 on Ebay this morning.
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I picked mine up last night, it took about an hour till my number was called, then about 5 minutes in line to buy it. Took it home, and read the first 2 chapters.
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Mine was just delivered. I am going to unsubscribe from this thread because I am scared of spoilers - the book is safely locked away in the safe until my departure date, thats when I plan to read it on the plane to while away the time! What a perfect way to spend a flight!
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I had a dream this morning that bf bought me the harry potter book although we were on our last 10 euros and the book coster 9 euros and 88 cents
I want to read it but i think i can wait untill next month or atleast till bday
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AW MY GOD!! bf just got it for me!! it should come monday or tuesday!
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yay. I just checked the UPS site and my book is out for delivery. I'm so excited.
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I was at the pharmacy early and my friend has saved me one but I bought 2 more for the hospital's Child Life Dept. I actually bought a 4th for a patient who may not survive the month - has melanoma that has metatisized (so pls send her good vibes!!) - and brought it to her right away. She is alkready on page 88 according to an email she sent me! I ao on page 43.
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I love Dumbledore!! The scene in the Dursley's living room is priceless.

I am trying to pace myself, but it's hard. Will read some more this afternoon.
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Picked it up at midnight, finished it at 2pm. Fabulous book, can't wait for the last one. That's all I'm saying...... no spoilers here.
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The mailman delivered it at 1 p.m. CET ("Harry's here!), and I finished it about 20 minutes ago. No comment until at least tomorrow. I was less surprised than I expected to be.
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Well I am only at the beginning still - so much to do, lol - but am going back to it. Harry and Aldus are still together talking to that fellow I think will be a new teacher (NOT a spoiler - everyone knows there is always a new Teacher of the Dark Arts, lol)
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I am still t beginning!! Work keeps interupting - am on page 78. I like it thus far! No surprises yet. You know, I cannot imagine someone starting in the middle of the series tho!
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how thick is the book?
as thick as the last one??
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Fwan, it's pretty thick, looks to be as long as the last one.

Yay, I just got mine today!
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hehe then tricia can read really fast!
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WHEEEEEEE!!!!! I went and got my copy on my lunchbreak today! It's sitting right here. I havent opened it yet. I'm waiting untill I get home. I am so exited!!! J.K. is BRILLIANT!!!
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Originally Posted by fwan
hehe then tricia can read really fast!
I don't know about that - It took me 7 hours to read 607 pages.
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Please... Everyone!!! No Spoilers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Just got an email that mine was sent out this morning.. I can't wait to get it!!!!! AHHHHH! lol
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Mine arrived at 11:30 this morning! I've only read the first 10 chapters so far, but that's because I keep taking breaks to do other things. I'm going to read most of the day tomorrow!! I'm loving it so far (but there was no doubt there!).
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We got ours as well. I won the toss of the coin and get to read it first. One stipulation, I can't talk about it while I am reading it. I sat down and finally had to stop on page 168- so far I love it!
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I cant wait to get mine, this is a real hit!
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If I go and buy this book I know that I will read it constantly until its finished - I do not have time to do this, so I am too scared to go and buy it
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I've not started it yet, it's in it's special place beside my bed ready for when I have time to start it.. I just know I won't be able to stop!!
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Went and picked mine up this afternoon. I was working on a project for a sick friend, so I didn't start reading until this evening.
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Picked up two yesterday morning! (one for my Sis!) There were a lot left - despite it being our 24 hour Asda!
Haven't really got time to read it yet, though, so it's sitting safely under my desk!
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Like Kellye, I thought about "saving" it for a long flight, but figured I couldn't wait to read it. I cut down on my sleep/leisure time in advance, in order to reserve a day to read it. Today I went back and read "HP and the Order of the Phoenix", in order to check out some theories I have based on the latest book. Right now, I'm in a state of "HP OD".
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