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My boyfriends cat

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My boyfriend moved in with me about a month ago and brought his cat Giles and his kitten Stash with him. At his old place he had a balcony that the cats went on to sunbathe or just hangout. Well I live in a house and dont have a balcony and I think Giles is going crazy. He wants to go outside so bad, that he just sits by the door and meows and cries. He tries to bolt out the door too. How can we get him to stop? He seriously wont be quite. Sometimes we like to leave the doors open for the breeze, we have a screen door so the cats cant get out, and Giles will come up and start crying to be let out. He is nutered and has never been outside before except one time when my boyfriend left the door open and all the cats got out and were playing in our bushes. Is there anything i can do to get him to stop?thanks!
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Do you have some screened windows they can sit in while they're open to watch what's going on outside? Or can you construct some window perches?
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Bijou loves to go outside and sits and meows for us to let him out. Since I am not a fan of outdoor cats this is not going to happen. My husband disagrees and thinks he should be able to go out.

Solution: We compromised. Bijou is allowed outside with supervision with a harness and long lightweight rope (string). Mika also is allowed out with Harness and string. They love sitting under the trees watching the birds and squirrels. The birds and squirrels are safe and so are our kitties.
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You can let them outside and still be safe about it-

www.meowhoo.com look under Basic Pet Supplies subcategory cages and enclosures, you will find all sorts of websites with different ways for cats to enjoy being out of doors without being exposed to dangers.
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