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Greetings and Salutations!

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Hello, all! I have been registered for a few days now and thought I should take a few moments to introduce myself. I am ABSOLUTELY LOVING this site!!! The wealth of members' knowledge is truly awesome, and it makes me feel very good when I can answer someone else's question or just throw in my two cents' worth.

My husband and I are owned by nine furbabies: Sunday, Boo, Sassyfras, Jezebel, Punkie, Karma, Mojo, Nigel, & Redd. They are all plain ole' mixed-breed cats that we got from either the shelter or the street. Three, however, are orange females (Punkie, Karma, & Redd) which, from what I gather, is rather rare. Redd is also a special-needs kitty: she has Osteogensis Imperfecta-I'm about to post a thread about her in the Health forum.

I've really enjoyed my time here and am looking forward to reading many more posts in the future!!
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Welcome to The Cat Site! It's a wonderful place with good people and good information!
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Welcome. I've seen you post a few times. In addition to getting good advice, you sound as though you'll be adding to th bank of knowledge.

Glad to have you around.
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Welcome! Sounds like you have a wonderful house-full!
Meow to all your babes!
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Welcome, Sassyfras! Great to have you among the ever-growing horde!

Yes, you've found it! The SINGLE best source of cat related info (and some non-cat info, too)!

Welcome, again, and see ya `round!

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Welcome! I hope you enjoy this site as much as I do!
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Welcome to this wonderful site! Sooo nice to meet you!! Sound like you have your hands full with your furball - and credit to you for taking on a special needs kitty!! Bravo! Hope you continue to enjoy this site and look forward to reading your posts!
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Thank you all so much for the warm welcome!!

Here is a picture of the cat room my husband designed. (I just had to show some cat people!) The boxes on the wall are "nap boxes" for the kitties to snooze in & on. The grey tabby is Jezebel. She used to be quite trim, but she suffered a bout of cryptococcal meningitis last winter and gained quite a bit of weight during her recovery.
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Your kitty room seems quite inviting. Can mine have a play date to come over? Your full ball is also very pretty.
All the more to love!
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How cool!!! I wish I could devote an entire room like that to my kitties!! Weeeell....we are planning to move soon....maybe I'll just have to hold out till we find a house with a room to spare!! ha ha ha

Ooooo and I just LOVE extra cuddley kitties!!
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Hi There!!! :daisy:

Glad to see you're such a kitty lover!! I love the playroom! How adorable! :laughing2 I bet they love their Mommy!

Looking forward to more pics of ALL your babies and your posts too

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welcome Sassyfras...LOVE the playroom; looks like kitty heaven; my Sophie would have a heyday in there; she shares my room here at my retired parents' (well she pretty much has run of the whole place)...I'm in the process of redesigning my room to be more kitty friendly...she likes climbing on the top of the bookcases so I'd love to build some ladders or catwalks for her or something. Anyway, ditto what Cat said; love to see more pictures!
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Sorry I am late with this...but Welcome to the site!
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Welcome Sassyfras! You'll love it here.
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