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Cat Shudders and ripples down back.

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Dear all, if anyone can help me with a continual problem I am having with my cat it would be hugely appreciated. Every summer the cat begins to have shudders down his back. This is similar to watching a cat with flea’s, however I treat him with Frontline regularly.
The ripples down his back are clearly very distressing to him and he dashes around uncontrollably until he is exhausted.
He hides all day long in very small dark places. I had considered that heat was a general factor – but the places he chose to hide and actually very hot !
He is reluctant to go outside.
There is no sign of a sting from a wasp or a bee.
When I give him a cuddle ( which he gets a lot) the shudders almost stop.
In the winter months the problem seems to go away.
The vet has taken bloods and apparently there is no medical problem with him ( or at least a problem they can find.)
If anyone has any idea at all what could be causing the problem, your help would be appreciated.
The cat is a long haired black moggie – 4 years old and from a rescue centre.
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I am sorry to say but it sounds like you cat might have feline hyperesthesia- this can be controlled with proper medication. Do not make the mistake I did, and let the vets experiment on your cat with all sorts of meds. Take it one at a time till you find something that works-

Here is my article on it
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Thank you very much indeed for the advise and suggestion - it is really helpful, although perhaps not really what I wanted to hear!
One web site is suggesting that cats with this problem should be put to sleep. Would you agree with this? Talking to the vet today, they are basically washing their hands of the whole issue, saying the cat has stress, there is nothing they can do about it, and call a specialist animal behaviourist.
I am obviously getting increasingly worried.
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Perhaps you can talk to other vets and see if they know anything about Feline Hyperesthesia? i'm sorry i am of no help, but i hope you are able to find more answers to help your kitty.
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I would find a feline specialist in your area and take your cat there. I found that the vets near me didn't want to bother to really learn about this affliction much less help us with it
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Put to sleep? No, can't be. I'm pretty sure this was in one of Pam Johnson-Bennett's books, and it was treated with behavioral therapy. Medication might be needed, but put to sleep? Steer away from a vet who recommends that.
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