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Shelter short on help, need new ideas

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Hi! I'm new here. I volunteer with a no kill, non profit rescue group in Texas. I've only been doing it for a few months, so I kind of brought new blood to the group. I am trying to make us more successful at rescuing animals, taking care of them, and getting them adopted. One thing that really needs done is cleaning on our rescue ranch. There is a colony-style cattery there with about 20 cats. It is truly filthy! It has gotten worse recently because until last week, there were only 10 cats there. We can't let these cats live in these conditions, but there are only four core people in this group, including myself. There are about four others who help out in various ways, but not quite as frequently. Of course, all of us have other jobs, and I go to school. I do have a few people lined up who could help clean at the ranch, but the problem is organizing them and arranging a day to meet. You see, the ranch is kept locked, and there are only a few people with keys.
The question is, does anyone have an idea for making it easier for people to go the ranch to help? Something someone uses in their own shelter? I have come up with lots of new ideas and implemented them for this group, including starting a website, posting on petfinder, distributing a newsletter, and actively searching for adoptees through wanted ads. But I am honestly stumped here. Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you!
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I work at an outpatient mental health clinic. We have caseworkers who work with patients. Often our patients may have been out of the workforce for a long time, and may want to resume initially by doing volunteer work. If you have a mental health clinic nearby, maybe you can let the caseworkers know that you need volunteers. I know of several of our very nice clients who volunteer at animal shelters and rescues.

And maybe once school resumes, you can get high school kids.

Just remember, new volunteers would rather pet kitties, and feed, than straight cleaning. Maybe they can do a combination.

And why is the cat shelter locked much of the time? Maybe more people need keys, or the people with keys need to be more flexible in the hours they are there, so more people can come in and help out.
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My suggestion is very similar to BeckiBoo's. I was going to suggest that you contact the Probation Department of your county and nearby counties, and see if they would consider letting people fulfill their Community Service hours there at your shelter. That's done locally here and it can be a blessing for both the animals and the probationers! Susan
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