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what is the normal size...

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when i first got pandy she was absolutely tiny, then she grew a bit and a little bit more but she has stopped now, she's over a year old and she's still very small, i think...

she is 8 inches (22cm) tall when she's standing and 16 inches (42cm) long from her head to her bottom, that's not including her tail.

she still looks like a kitten compared to other cats.

when do cats stop growing and what is the average size for a female cat?

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I really think it varies - Sashka is a tiny girl and always will be. She's just a little cat. I don't know if Russians are supposed to be big or small but she is half of Sunday's size and Sunday is not fat, but she's a big blocky Persian X.

If Pandy is healthy and strong I wouldn't worry about her size - best things come in small parcels that's why cats rule in the first place!!
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yes she is healthy, strong, shiny, happy...but tiny

at leasr she doesn't take up a heap of room on the bed
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Wow.. and I thought aerowyn was tiny :O

Aerowyn stands about 11 inches from her feet to the top of her head, and is about 20 inches long.

Size of your cat depends on lots of different things including the size of the parents, and whether the cat was a runt or not. Aerowyn has a tiny mom and Aerowyn was the "runt" of her litter which is why she is small.

our tiny cats might never be large cats, or they could surprise us one day with a funky growth spurt that makes them four feet tall. I like having a big fat cat and a tiny little cat though.

She'll be one in about four days.

How much does pandy weigh? Aerowyn weighs about five lbs.
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I'm not sure about inches-wise, but I've always heard that average weight for a regular DSH (Domestic Short Hair) female that's in good flesh (not too fat and not too thin) is 6-8 pounds and 10-12 pounds for a male.

Of course this all goes out the window with Singapuras (on the small side) or Maine Coons (on the large side.)

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Our Pepsi is a tiny cat (about four pounds before having the kittens), and she's almost two. But she actually has grown quite a bit in the last year, plus I think she is going to keep on a bit of her "kitten weight." So she might be five pounds now. I think they can continue to grow for quite a while after the first year.
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