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What was something you did as a kid...

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... that you would love to be able to do and get the same genuine blast out of it now???

My best friend and I used to spend literally hours every day in summer in her pool playing all kinds of games that we made up.

I can't even spend 20 minutes in a pool now without getting bored.

Another good one was climbing a paperbark tree in my front yard with the same friend and pretending it was the Magic Faraway Tree.

Ahhhhh the salad days of childhood...
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just general playing...in church i used to be able to play ith the 4 pencils in a holder and i had a whole story thar went with it
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i used to climb a giant fig tree, it's near the old picton church in Bunbury and i used to swing on a rope swing there, i can and still enjoy climbing the tree when my husband and i go there but i'm afraid of the swing and playing in that old graveyard doesn't have the same spooky appeal it used to.

i also used to love feeding the ducks...oh..i still love feeding the ducks, i'm just more aware of their poop now

i actually had some of my wedding photo's taken there because the place has so many memories for me.
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Slip and Slide

Making snow forts in winter

I could play barbies for hours
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I loved climbing fences when I was a kid. I would run down into the open field that was between my bus drop off and my house and scale the ten foot tall chain link fence ever day (the opening to the field opened up into someone's driveway, and they were snobby and locked it) But by the time I was about eight my feet had grown too large to fit into the holes in the fence (I have huge feet yay) Sigh.

I also loved it when I was younger going riding down tall hills on my bike, and feeling the wind.. these days though when I go down the same hills its not as thrilling because I am bigger and the ride seems shorter. I wish they had more hills where I live. I'll have to move to montana or something I guess.

and I loved being able to run around outside barefoot without people giving me funny looks. You try walking around town one day with no shoes on.. its kind of funny, but they dont let you into gas stations.

And you cant just play and be stupid like when you were younger.... In the fall I used to rake the leaves up in a big pile and then my friends and I would take clumps with our hands and spread them out to make a "home" which was just about 30 feet long and 20 feet accross, and we played "house" in that.

I never liked barbies.
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My friends and I used to play school in my garage for hours.. after that we'd head straight for the barbies and play till dinner.

Some nights, we'd take jars and catch lightening bugs.. my mom always made us go back outside and let them go, but just running around catching them was enough fun.

We'd stay in the pool for hours too.... my mom would rub sun tan lotion (the pink bottle where the picture on the front has the dog, that is biting the little kids pants down..) all over us. It would get it in your eyes, up our nose, in our mouth... to this day the smell of coppertone lotion makes my eyes tear

Playing house and with our baby dolls was also so much fun.. we'd fight over who got to be the mom.

It's weird cause we are all still best friends. Now we are planning weddings, planning vacations, buying houses, having real babies, becoming real teachers.. I really miss being a kid.. (it was alot less expensive )
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playing with barbies, playing in the pools, riding my bike ect.
The childhood spark has gone.
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Riding bikes down big hills! I haven't ridden a bike in years, and I miss that. Also running like you do as a child, as if the devil is on your heels!

Does being able to sleep til 3 in the afternoon count? I just can't do that anymore, I always wake up and get restless before 9am whether I have to work or not
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Just imaginary games. We would spend hours and hours playing all kinds of made up games.

Now, we can't do that anymore- at all. Our imagination has been drained.
When we ended playing, and my best friend decieded it was boring, I was ready to cry.
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Making race tracks in the dirt or sand for my Hot Wheels and motorbikes, with jumps and everything! And, making the sounds along with it.

Riding around on my bike all day with friends.
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I don't know... I don't really wish to play the things I did when I was a kid. Things like tag, hide and go seek and murder ball (dodge ball) were always a blast, but I don't miss them. They are good memories though.
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Running around the house half dressed...

Oh, wait, I still do that!
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roller skating.. of course now I get sore and tired after about a half hour, and the next day I ache.. but I still get a kick out of it! I'm a dweeb hehe.
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