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Ok, I am attaching the link as well as the photos ( for those of you who see red X's when I post!! )

First here is the photos:

And here is the direct link....just in case.

What do you think?? Cute, eh??
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wow, those are kind of small.......let me try to make them a little bigger. Bear with me.

Hope that is a bit better. Or just click the link.......argh. I think its x's again. Boy o Boy, how irritating!!
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Red x's, but a good link! Cymone is just beautiful! She reminds me of our little girl Sassy! Great job getting the pictures!

Too cute!!

Thanks a lot!

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Whoa, after I submitted my reply, all the pictures became visible...NO x's! Still great photos, D.!

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Hey Bill, instead of red x's I think I'll start calling them the red deamons!!!!!! They appear and disappear whenever they feel like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Daniela shes beautiful!!! The markings on her back are similar to Missy's but you're right, my Missy has a lot more tabby than calico whereas your beauty is the opposite. Congrats on your new addition
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The same thing happened to me!! They were red X's until I posted and then voila, they were gone...very weird! :disturbed:
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Thanks Bill and Melissa........yeah, I think she is a husband does not think she is as "stunning" as Sunshine. But its hard to beat a solid black cat....w/ yellow eyes!!!
But I think she can hold her own just fine!!
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she is gorgeous!!!

same thing, red X's until I posted and then pics
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She is beautiful. I am sure Simon is honoured you loved him so much to share his name with her.
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We had a real hard time w/ the name....I wanted Noelle, my 5 year old wanted "Candy" and my hubby wanted "cymone"....
I figured cymone was really cool because of Simon....they look nothing alike, but I really wanted to honor him in some way and that seems perfect!!

Thanks for the comments, and yes it is very weird about the pictures showing up after posting. Darn cyberspace!!! Its possessed!!
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She is a beautiful cat, I love her coloring!
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Awww woweee!!! I think shes "stunning"!! Shes a beauty! Lovely colourings and such a pretty face!!! YUM!!
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Nope, red x's here AND at ofoto. Must be my machine, unless it's the time of day . . .
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Yeah you nutcase - GET TO BED!!!! ha ha ha ha...just jokin with ya!
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Oh sunlion, is your computer possessed too????????? hahahahahah. You'll see them eventually, perhaps when the demons go to sleep.

Maybe check back another time??
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Hey, woman, insomnia is hell! I'd been to bed 3 times already and all I manage to do is wake up hubby! lol

Addition: See how it is? I don't know what I responding to, but it was something completely different than was actually posted! I should just know better than to answer on 4 hours of sleep . . .
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I will have to come back and check later..'cause all I'm seeing is red x's too.... darn computer...
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She's just beautiful and love her name.
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Still just red x's in both places. This really confuses me because I can see other people's albums at ofoto.
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Sunlion, someone pm'd and said that it doens't have to do with your individual computer but with your actual connection. I am not sure, I am not a computer expert by any means....but maybe its just the type of connection you have ????
Sorry you can't see them, she is really a cutie.
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Well, whoever that was, would they explain it to me? Because I can see other photos on the site and other ofoto albums, so that doesn't sound like the connection to me. Perhaps it's the format the pictures are stored in? Anyway, not earth-shattering, just kind of interesting. Esp. since I'm having trouble with the links on another site, too. Which does sound like the connection or maybe the ISP. Hmm . . .
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I got the red X's also, but I clicked on the link and got 3 little pics. I clicked on the pics, and they enlarged for me to see.

What a cutie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hey Woman

Do you need one of those new improved pics? :laughing2

Let me know!
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Hey Cat, I LOVE your new and improved pics. Feel free to email me them anytime.:flash: :laughing2 :laughing: :flash: :rainbow:
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"New AND Improved"? Yeah, I guess I need them, cuz the old ones ain't workin' for me. {pout}
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