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Whats wrong with my kitten?

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She's getting to hyper for me! Sometimes shes soo calm lying in bed with me letting me pet her, the next minute (usually after a nap) shes running around my apartment as if someones chasing her. When I walk toward her, shes runs as far away as she could get. Not only that but shes starting to urinate on the carpet! Shes done it on my carpet peice in my bathroom, I saw her later going there again to do it, but i caught her in time. Other than that shes done it 2 other times usually near the wall. Should I move her litter box to my bathroom and away from the carpet.
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How old is she? How long have you had her?

If she is very young, maybe you should add another litterbox in the bathroom. It is hard for babies to hold it very long. The wildness sounds like typical cat behavior to me!

Check the behavior site, there is a sticky post at the top all about peeing in the wrong place, and you will gets lots of good advice. The first will be to have a vet check her that she doesn't have a urinary tract infection!
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Both my kittens go into full on psycho kittie mode after a nap, running all around the place and stampeding like baby elephants, chasing each other up and over everything they can find! Don't worry, I think it's perfectly normal!
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Rosie is 3 and Sophie is 1 and they still have a mad half hour with each other But if thats your kitten in the picture, who is gorgeous btw like the others have said it's normal

I would put an extra litter box down as well as mentioned, because when mine were kittens i'd leave one upstairs and one downstairs until they got used to the one upstairs, just incase they got caught short But i would still take kitty to see a vet to get checked over.
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You said carpet piece in the bathroom. Does that mean it's a rug? If so, does it have a rubber backing? For some reason, some cats are attracted to the smell of rubber and will urinate on rubber-backed rugs.
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Yeah it has rubber backing. I try to catch her before it happens. Usually she has to go after a nap. I just might buy another litter box, they're only 1.50$ at walmart. I'll keep one in my bedroom and one in the kitchen. thank you for replying
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She sounds normal in the silly, bouncy behaviour. I've got 3 kittens we call the "flying carpets" for the same reason.
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